Why a Water Filter is Always Essential

While you may think that tap water is just fine for your drinking needs, adding a filter can make all the difference in your health. There’s a reason why so many people buy bottled water, but what if you could have water from the faucet that’s just as fresh? Learn why having a water filter is essential, how unfiltered water can be dangerous, and where you can find a good filter for your home or apartment.

Why Having a Water Filter Is Important

Having filtered water in your home or apartment can make a massive difference in your everyday life. It removes contaminants like sediments, pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. This results in water not only being safer but better tasting. It can also lead to less bottle buying, which saves you money in the long run. 

Learn more about filter water and how it compares to bottled water here

Why Unfiltered Water Can Be Dangerous

Unfiltered water can be hazardous. High levels of heavy metals like lead have been found in water systems all over the nation. Lead poisoning can build up over the years and cause all manner of illnesses and cancer. You can also end up with sediment in the water from failing old plumbing or city water lines. Water can even absorb toxic pesticides that leach into the ground from farming operations and even local gardens. 

Simply installing a filter to your water system can protect you from all of these risks. Discover how to test the water in your home for dangerous contaminants here.  

Types of Water Filters

There are many different water filters, and you’ll need to pick the best for your home. 
Pitcher filters: Many people use pitcher filters to fill up and keep in the fridge. They’re affordable and easy to get, but they require time and effort. You have to fill them up when they’re empty, and they take up a lot of space in your fridge.

pouring water into glass

Countertop systems: Countertop systems attach to your faucets. They are inexpensive and work fairly well, but the filters need to be changed every few months.

Under-the-counter filters: Under-the-counter filters for single faucets can also be installed and offer multi-stage protection. These filters can process several hundred gallons of water between changes and are inexpensive to install. They can be disassembled and moved with you when you change residences. 

Under-the-counter filters

Multi-stage systems: Multi-stage systems can remove up to 98% of contaminants and purify thousands of gallons of water.

Where To Find a Good Water Filter

Choosing the right system means knowing your needs and consulting a pro about the options available to you. For help and advice in finding a good water filter, contact Sin City Plumbing today to learn more!

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