What To Do When Your Toilet Water Turns Blue

If your toilet water turns blue, it’s probably because you used a blue toilet tablet. These tablets are a means of keeping your toilet bowl clean and can be found in just about every discount store, grocery store, and drug store. However, if your water turns blue and you didn’t put something in the tank or bowl you should call a plumber for help right away. With that in mind, let’s check out the pros and cons of blue water toilet tablets, whether they’re safe to use in your system, and what to do if your furry family friends decide to taste that blue water.

Pros of Blue Water Toilet Tablets

Bluewater toilet tablets are top-rated because they have a unique appearance. They smell nice. They offer the convenience of a clean toilet bowl without the need to constantly get in there with a cleaning spray and toilet brush. You drop them in your toilet tank, and voila! As long as the water is blue, they’re working. They are convenient and offer peace of mind that your toilet bowl is clean. Unfortunately, that’s where their benefits end.

Cons of Blue Water Toilet Tablets

The problem is, blue water toilet tablets are terrible for your system. Almost every plumber will advise against using these toilet tablets. Here’s a question to consider: Do you relish the idea of changing the guts of your toilet tank every so often? If that’s not something you want to do (and there’s no reason you should want to do it), avoid using blue water toilet tablets. They can corrode your tank’s guts and the flush valve. They can also get lodged in your flapper so that it can’t close properly.

Bluewater toilet tablets are also toxic to the environment. Most of them are loaded with chlorine, which can have disastrous effects on the ecosystem in high concentrations. Chlorine has many uses, but it’s terrible when it gets out of balance, and in a toilet tank, it’s unnecessary. Worse, chlorine is just one of the potentially toxic chemicals in these tablets. In general, it’s best not to use blue water toilet tablets.

My Pet Drank the Blue Water! Should I Be Worried?

If you have pets, this may be the best reason not to use blue water toilet tablets. Nobody enjoys it when their dog drinks from the toilet, but at some point, someone’s going to leave the lid up, allowing the dog to drink the water. While usually that’s not a big deal, blue toilet water can be toxic to pets. While it’s often diluted enough that a few laps won’t hurt, why risk it?

Try an Alternative

The best alternative to these unhealthy chemical cleaners is to keep a clean toilet brush next to the bowl and scrub it once a week. You can find over-the-counter spray products that kill viruses and bacteria that you can use to wipe the bowl clean. You can even find green cleaning agents that are perfectly safe for the environment.

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