What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Tap With Water Flowing SlowlyOne of the most reoccurring plumbing problems in any household is low water pressure, which can be evident when using the shower head or the faucet. Some of the probable causes for this are the following:

Low water supply

This may be one of the external factors that homeowners have no control over. The main supplier of water may have a low supply that decreases the water pressure all throughout its customers. A homeowner can contact Sin City Plumbers, to inquire if there are operational issues or if there is really a cut in the water supply.

Clogged piping

The water supplied by local distributors is not a hundred percent free from dirt or sediment. The pipes that passes through may have small rocks or sands that will be carried up to the showerhead or faucet and avert the proper flow of water. Another probable cause of the clog may be the proliferation of lime scale or any other minerals. It is important to regularly clean your showerheads and faucets by removing the caps and washing them to remove the debris.

Corroded piping

The makeup of the water piping system in a household comprises mostly of copper or galvanized iron. Over time, whether by constant or non-usage, rust may form inside which can mix with water when it passes through. It is advisable, although it may be costly, to replace the piping after some time to prevent corrosion.

Leak in the piping system

A leak will prohibit the proper flow of water from going to the showerheads, and will also entail wasted supply. Every homeowner should ensure that there are no leaks in their plumbing installations by closing the main water valve and monitoring the meter. If it is still running after doing so, there is a possibility of a leak. Seal it with epoxy glue or call us at Sin City Plumbing to check it accordingly.

Tightened flow restrictors

Most of the shower heads nowadays have flow restrictors to assist in decreasing water consumption by lessening its flow, which can also be a cause of low pressure. Loosening it can improve the flow but if it is still below minimum, it can be caused by the other four factors stated above.

It is very important to include checking the plumbing system in a homeowner’s cleaning routine, so that he or she will not experience low pressure or wasted water supply in their household.

If you have a plumbing emergency, you can contact our friendly plumbers at 702-431-6502. We are available 24 hours a day or you can schedule service appointments at your convenience. We respond immediately on problems such as pipe repair, main line sewer backups, clogged bathtubs, sink problems, outside drainage problems and slab leak repair.

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