Welcome to Sin City

Las Vegas is a city in the state of Nevada, USA. It has a population of nearly 600,000, making it the most populous city in the state. The city is famous and known worldwide for its exciting nightlife, earning the title “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. Because of its fabulous hotels and casinos, the city is also known as ‘”The Gambling Capital of the World’”. It is also a tourist destination and considered as one of the world’s most visited cities.

Since the day Benjamin Siegel, more popularly known as “Bugsy,” opened the Flamingo in 1946, popular celebrities have gone to party in Las Vegas. Many of these celebrities have decided to stay in the city, and not just to party – but to live there permanently, or at least spend a good part of the year in their golf course mansions or high-rise condominium buildings.

These celebrities include siblings Donnie and Marie Osmond, Penn & Teller, George Wallace, Criss Angel, Lance Burton, Rita Rudner, Danny Gans, Carrot Top, and Louie Anderson. Just like why ordinary people move to Vegas, stars stay because of the same reasons: the excitement and the perfect weather, not to mention the almost non-existent state income tax. It is indeed an ideal city to build a home while doing business.

Las Vegas is also popular by the name The Sin City. It derived the name from its adult entertainment industry. Included in the industry are gambling, striptease nightclubs, unlimited sales of alcoholic drinks, and relaxed law on marriage and divorce.

The popularity of the name The Sin City inspired business owners in Las Vegas to use it in their business names such as our plumbing service where we are proud to be called Sin City Plumbing.

We at Sin City Plumbing do not end in solving your plumbing problems. We run a program that helps the poor and needy in the community. We love our city and are proud to be residents in Sin City.  Remember, the name The Sin City refers not only to Las Vegas but also to a plumbing company with a heart.

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