Wait, Can I Put Coffee Grounds Down the Sink?

One of the most common questions plumbers hear is, “Can I put coffee grounds down the sink?” The answer is no! You should never dump discarded grounds down the drain. Learn why pouring coffee grounds down the drain is terrible, what you should do with them and how to unclog a coffee-clogged drain.

Are Coffee Grounds Bad for Drains?

Are coffee grounds bad for drains? Yes, they are! The problem is that, unlike other foods, coffee grounds don’t break down. Eventually, they hit a point where they can’t wash through, and they sit there, building up more and more. You can dump coffee grounds down your sink for months and months and never have a problem until one day it happens: You’ve hit a critical mass, and it’s over. Your drain is clogged.

Instead of tossing coffee grounds down the drain, throw them in your garden. They make fantastic fertilizer, being full of nutrients that plants love. They absorb heavy metals, attract worms, and repel insects you don’t want around. 

 Coffee Ground-Filled Drain

An Easy but Serious Mistake

Pouring coffee grounds down the sink is an easy mistake, and if you dump them down thinking that the disposal will take care of them, you’re not alone. Many people have the attitude that they’ve done it before and never had a problem — and eventually, the grounds will break down like other food that washes down there — so they make this easy mistake. Unfortunately, it is a critical error for your plumbing system. Clogs like this can lead to sewer line damage that will need repair!

How to Unclog a Coffee Ground-Filled Drain

First things first: Don’t reach for a chemical drain opener. While they may work to clear the clog, they can corrode your pipes and cause damage over time. A drain snake can sometimes poke a hole through the clog, allowing the remaining grounds to flush away. Sometimes a plunger can temporarily clear a clog using suction and pressure alternately to free the clog. Often, however, a plunger fix is only temporary.

What Other Things Are Not Drain Friendly?

There are many other things that people mistakenly flush down their sink. These include flushable kitty litter, which is not a good idea to flush contrary to its description. It messes up septic systems and can clog your drain. Eggshells can get stuck in grease and fat and create a solid mess. Grease and fat, in general, are a bad idea to flush. They coagulate: turn solid. Also, avoid accidentally washing things like produce stickers, wet napkins, and wet paper towels down the drain.

Never flush medication down the sink to get rid of it, and if you’re an artist, don’t ever wash paint down the drain. Not only is this a bad idea, it might also be illegal where you live due to the toxins.

What Other Things Are Not Drain Friendly

Call in the Pros

In the end, if you have a serious clog from coffee grounds in the drain, the best way to get it cleared is to call in the pros. Don’t risk broken pipes and DON’T use products like Drano clog remover. For the best plumber in Las Vegas, reach out! Contact Sin City Plumbing to get the help you need.

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