Vegas Plumber: 5 Easy Steps to Install a Toilet Seat

You would be amazed at the difference installing a new toilet seat makes in your home. Have you ever plopped down in someone else’s guest bathroom and immediately felt more at ease? The shape, width, and grooves in a toilet seat all combine to make a unique restroom experience. Swapping your toilet seat can not only increase single-use comfort but can also make big changes to the style of the room. We’ve put together the five main DIY steps to install a new toilet seat!

Making Sure Your Toilet Seat Fits

You can’t connect two different diameter pipes and you can’t install two differently sized toilet parts either. To make sure you can comfortably install your new toilet seat you’ll need to measure it. The measurements will ensure you purchase the correct size for your toilet. Take a measuring tape and measure three areas: the distance between the two bolts fastening the seat and lid, the width of the seat, and the height. Be as precise as possible; while there are standard sizes, it never hurts to have extra information.


Picking the Right Toilet Seat to Install

You and your toilet seat have a special relationship. This makes picking the right one important! The right toilet seat for you is one which, quite literally, fits. Use the measurements you took to narrow down your options to well-fitting seats. From there, you can choose from a litany of manufacturer’s specifications. There are different colors, designs, and materials available. Match the new seat you’re hoping to install with the overall bathroom decor. Wood-accented bathrooms can benefit from a bamboo seat cover while sleek modern options do better with monochromatic porcelain materials. Don’t hesitate to talk through options with a trusted plumbing expert!


Out With the Old, In With the New

Removing the old toilet seat to leave space for installing your shiny new purchase is easy. Take a quick look at your existing setup. Most modern toilet seats are held on with a nut and bolt set. You only need a wrench and screwdriver to remove them. Undo the bolt using your wrench to expose the screw. From there, thread the screw backward until the toilet seat easily lifts off.


Placing Your New Toilet Seat

Always complete the necessary preparatory steps when installing a new piece of hardware. The first thing to do with your new toilet seat is to unwrap your brand-new part. Fully inspect it to make sure there aren’t any cracks or visible damage signs. Place it on the toilet to check the fit. The alignment should be about the same as your previous toilet seat. Don’t allow overlap from the lip of the bowl and the seat. This can cause pressure points down the line, damaging your freshly installed toilet seat. Too much damage and you’ll be stuck calling an emergency plumber to come bail you out of your cracked bowl.


Is Alignment Good? Time to Install Your Toilet Seat!

Once you’re satisfied with your new toilet seat’s alignment, it’s time to install. Installation is just as easy as removal – just backward! Clean off any dust or debris from the area first. Lower the new toilet seat onto the bowl and insert the screws which came with the new part. Bolt them on tightly, but be careful not to tighten so far you have trouble undoing it. If you can’t loosen the bolts with your fingers, it’s too tight! After you’ve screwed it in wiggle it around a bit to make sure there’s no sliding. If you have any questions at all during the process don’t wait to call an experienced plumber for help! For more common plumbing and other related tips please contact Sin City Plumbing.

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