Understanding Water Softening

sincity_lasvegas_plumbers_watersoftenerHard water is a common problem in most households in the US. Drinking and washing using hard water may not impose danger to one’s health; however, it can lead to unsightly stains in sinks, shower enclosures, tubs, and toilets. Other disadvantages include damages to the plumbing system and appliances that use water. These damages result in costly repairs and replacements.

Fortunately, these costly consequences can be avoided. The solution to hard water is water softeners. However, water softeners also require water softeners maintenance. Before dwelling on water softeners maintenance, it is essential to have an understanding of the actual problem: hard water.

Hard Water

Water undergoes percolation. It is the process of being filtered by permeable materials such as rocks. Hard water is defined as water that has high mineral content. The mineral content comes from the rocks that the water passed through before reaching household and industrial water systems. Minerals carried through include magnesium, calcium, and lime.

In a household, the minerals in the water are left on the surfaces of fixtures. The accumulation of mineral residue turns into water scales. These scales are the unsightly stains seen on fixtures’ surfaces.

Water Softener

Water softening is the process of eliminating minerals from hard water. Water softeners can take the form of portable water filters. However, these are known to be the least efficient in preventing damages to the plumbing system due to the accumulation of minerals. On the other hand, the advantage of using water softeners is that the water treated is suitable for drinking.

Another type is chemical water softeners. These ones are for laundry tasks. This is to avoid stains on clothes washed using hard water. However, the softened water from chemicals is not suitable for drinking.

The third type of water softener is the machine type. It consists of three parts, namely: control valve, brine tank, and mineral tank. Typically, it is permanently installed and attached to the plumbing system.

There are several advantages to using the machine type. It is the most efficient in filtering minerals; thus, it is the most effective in ensuring that there would be no mineral residue in fixtures and pipes. It also lasts longer, provided that proper water Softeners maintenance is observed.

Water Softening Costs

Apart from the brand name, the main factor for the price of water softener machines is the amount of grains of minerals it can remove from hard water. It can range from $400 to $1,200. Other contributing factors to the price are the size, battery life, and design.

Water Softeners Maintenance

Just like any other equipment in the house, a water softener requires maintenance to extend its life. Checking the condition of the resins is one of the basic water softeners maintenance tasks. Resins in the tanks can be contaminated by algae or become damaged after several years of use. When either of these problems occurs, the resin should be replaced right away. Ideally, resins should be replaced once a year or once every two years.

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