Top 5 Common Plumbing Problems During Winter

The plumbing system supplies your family the daily dose of water that you need. You must have water for yourselves, for the plants, for cleaning, and for other purposes. Your plumbing system in the house is very much essential during any season of the year.

Plumbing problems may occur throughout the year but it can most likely happen in the winter season since freezing and icing are already involved. To guide you, here are the top 5 common winter home plumbing problems that may occur during the cold season.

  1. Frozen pipes

Since it involves the cold weather, having frozen pipes might be the most common problem in this kind of season. Having frozen pipes can lead to little amount of flowing water or worse, nothing at all. Prevent this by installing insulation tubes to get those cold pipes protected and heated.

  1. Leaking pipes

When there is pressure present in your internal piping, having leaks might happen and can further lead to pipe explosion. This problem is common when an external hose is left outside in the cold, since pressure on the pipes inside builds up. Prevent this by packing up your garden hose and bring it out when warmer weather comes.

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  1. Flooding

When there is a leak, there can be a possibility of flooding. Flooding can happen if the pipes fully break and a large amount of water is released in a particular area. It is suggested to install a leak or flood sensor in your house to immediately know if there is a threat of flooding and leaks.

  1. Failing heater

When the hot and cold seasons combine, your water heater might malfunction. Having cold water during winter can be dreadful — who wants to take cold showers during winter, anyway? Prevent this problem by giving your water heater regular maintenance checkups throughout the year.

  1. Greasy pipes

With food juices coming down your sink pipes, it is possible that the fats and grease can seep through the entire plumbing system. The grease can easily solidify and block your pipes, thus causing them to clog. Try your best not to throw oil, fats, and grease down your sink pipes to prevent this clogging problem.

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