Tips for Landlords to Give Their Tenants about Plumbing in Las Vegas

A good tenant is hard to find in the city of sins. It can even be more difficult to find an excellent plumbing service there.

Being a tenant means that you do not own the property that you live in. You rent it like what your neighbors do. Often, residents of rentals share a wall with another family who occupy the adjacent room. So, if small problems arise like a leaking pipe or a dripping faucet, the annoying effects are shared with the individuals living next to you.

If such event occurs, you have no choice but to fix the problem right away. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple. Residents connected to your unit can endure the effects of your maintenance problems as well. For this reason, you must resolve the issue instantly or employ the services of experienced Las Vegas plumbers. If you do so, you’re not only a good tenant, but also a good neighbor as well.

However, remember that preventing the problem in the first place is better than having to fix the issue at all. It’s easier to stop something from happening than to repair the damage done after it has happened. Check out the top 5 in our plumbing checklist to avoiding plumbing issues in Las Vegas.

1. Don’t throw cooking grease into the sink to avoid clogging your drain.

Used cooking oil hardens when cooled. Some of the oil’s molecules solidify while going down the drain. The hardened oils eventually accumulate inside the water pipes causing a blockade.

2. Use cheap drain screens.

You can prevent plumbing issues in the bathroom if you use drain screens. Drain filters prevent hairs, food particles, toothpaste caps, and small jewelry from jamming your drains.

3. Monthly baking soda treatments

Every month, sprinkle 1/4 cup of baking soda into tub drains and sinks to dissolve clumpy mixtures that are blocking the waterways. Pour lukewarm water to ensure that the baking soda particles stick to the clogs. Next, pour 1 cup of white vinegar. After that, let your mixture stand for a few hours to dissolve any bacteria build up thoroughly. Lastly, flush your drain with hot water.

4. Do not exert too much force when you’re tightening faucets and handles.

Cranking handles and faucets forcefully will wear down the washers faster. This can lead to dripping valves.

5. Employ the service of a licensed plumbing company.

Above all, professional help is the best prevention for avoiding plumbing issues because they are the experts who can diagnose the slightest problem even if it’s just starting.

In Las Vegas, while many plumbing companies claim that they offer excellent plumbing service. Make sure you do all of your research before selecting a plumbing company. You may be getting charged outrageous costs for small fixes. Choosing Sin City Plumbing’s plumbers allows you to avoid those unnecessary high costs while still receiving the quality service you desire.

Sin City Plumbing is equipped with the latest technology to replace, diagnose, and repair any plumbing problem. We offer high-quality services that can solve any plumbing issue. Contact us today!

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