The Most Effective Way to Clear A Slow Shower Drain

We’ve all had it happen: one minute, you’re enjoying a steady stream of hot water, and the next, it’s cooling around your ankles. If you notice your drain struggling to let water flow, a clog is almost certainly the culprit. In this blog, the experts at Sin City Plumbing will show you what causes a slow shower drain and the most effective way to clear it out.

The Biggest Cause for Slow Shower Drains

Think of everything that goes down the drain when you shower—hair, soap scum, dirt, and much more head through your pipes. Most shower drains can handle normal wear-and-tear up to a point. After a while, even well-maintained showers are going to experience a clog. As soap residue goes down the drain, it leaves a sticky surface behind. This surface attracts dirt, hair, and dust when you shower. The build-up caused by all this stuck gunk is what causes a slowly draining shower.

Common ‘Remedies’ You Should Avoid

The most common reaction to a clogged shower drain is to reach for a chemical drain cleaner. Readily-available gel cleaners are a plumber’s worst nightmare! They will clear out your drain, but the problem with chemical drain cleaners is they’re indiscriminate on what they break up. They intend to break up soap residue and hair, but they’ll also eat your pipes themselves. Not to mention how harmful they are to your family and pets if accidentally ingested! Whatever you do, don’t reach for a jug of drain cleaner if you find your shower’s draining slowly.

DIY Solutions Which May Help A Slow Shower Drain

Avoiding chemical drain cleaners doesn’t mean you’re entirely helpless! If you’re stuck with a slowly draining shower, try pouring baking soda down the drain. Wait a few minutes, and then follow the baking soda with some vinegar. Like making a model volcano, combining those two ingredients will fizz up and gently break up any clogs. You can also try a physical drain snake, available at any big box store. These serve to manually break up the clogs, allowing you to pull out any stuck debris. Even pouring boiling water down the drain will help minor clogs.

The Most Effective Treatment: Professional Intervention

Without a doubt, the most effective treatment for a slow-draining shower is professional intervention. If you find yourself in standing water, try the above tips first to clear it out. If they fix the problem, you’re in good shape! But if the issue persists, the problem may be above your pay grade. Plumbing is delicate in many ways, and improper treatment of your pipes could lead to significant emergencies down the line. Please don’t risk it! Contact a professional plumber at Sin City Plumbing to fix your slow shower drain.


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