The 4 Most Common Vegas Plumbing Mistakes

The twists and turns of your home’s pipes may look complicated but most plumbing issues in Vegas can be handled with a bit of elbow grease. Things such as leaky faucets or clogged drains are easily taken care of by a DIY enthusiast. With the proper tools and a bit of knowledge, you can tackle most minor concerns in the home. The trick to properly taking care of a Vegas plumbing issue is to avoid making these four mistakes. Should you find yourself in a bind, don’t hesitate to give your trusted local Las Vegas plumber a call!


1. Forgetting to Turn Off the Water Will Cost You

Rule 1 of plumbing: turn off the water! No matter how simple a job seems it is always better to stay on the side of caution. Your home’s pipes contain a set amount of water at all times. This means if you unscrew a pipe, even for just a few minutes, you run the risk of water flooding out. This can cause major damage to your home. At best, you’ll tackle cleaning up a puddle and at worse, you may end up replacing flooring, walls, and furniture because of water damage. It takes less than five minutes to run outside and turn the water supply off, so there is no reason to risk it! Turn off the water before working on any plumbing.


2. Using Chemical Drain Cleaners to Clear Pipes

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, don’t use chemical drain cleaners! Clogged pipes are a common Vegas plumbing problem. Fortunately, they’re easy to handle using natural remedies or special tools! A drain snake is the easiest way to bust up any smelly clogs in the shower, bath, and sink. These can be purchased at any big box store and any DIY enthusiast can master them in seconds! Less stubborn clogs should be tackled with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This foams (like in a science project volcano!) and gently breaks up any masses stuck to the side of your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners, such as Draino, are damaging to your plumbing. They can erode your pipes, build pressure which leads to cracking, or react to household cleaners and release foul fumes. Avoid them and go for a natural remedy instead!


3. Overtightening a Plumbing Connection Will Lead to Disaster

It’s satisfying to screw in a connection until you can’t anymore, but this practice is really bad for your pipes. When replacing or repairing pipes you may be tempted to tighten too much. Try to avoid doing this for two reasons: you won’t be able to undo the connection should you need to, and the pressure can cause the fitting to break. Even if there isn’t an immediate crack from the tightening, remember your pipes are under constant pressure from the water flowing through. Over time your plumbing won’t be able to bear the pressure and will ultimately crack. This causes potential water damage to your home. Avoid it by tightening until the seal is firm but not impossible to undo.


4. Not Hiring a Professional Las Vegas Plumber When You Should

One of the most common plumbing mistakes we see here in Vegas is: not knowing when to throw in the towel. While many small plumbing issues can be easily handled by a homeowner, not all of them can. Small leaks or clogs usually don’t need a professional’s care. Things such as major leaks, broken pipes, or moving appliances should always be managed by a Vegas plumbing expert. Improperly treated plumbing issues lead to major expenses down the line, so if you don’t feel equipped to handle something please don’t be embarrassed! For more plumbing tips contact Sin City Plumbing!

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