Summer Plumbing Maintenance: 5 Tips

Blegh, what’s that smell coming from the kitchen sink? You probably notice odd smells or lost water pressure more in the summer. Summer is the best time to perform maintenance on your plumbing system, as the warmer weather can take a harsh toll on your plumbing system. Higher temperatures outside mean more water used inside as you shower, wash your hands, and drink water more frequently to combat the heat. While we hope you’ve gone green and nixed the full grass lawn, your exterior sprinkler system will also take a beating. There’s a laundry list of things to check (laundry room included!) when it comes to summer plumbing maintenance, but we’ve got five tips to help you keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape.


1.Check Out Your Hot Water Heater

Hot days are the best days to check out your hot water heater, as it’s not getting much use. Hot water heaters need care just like any other home appliances, and a full drain is appropriate during June or July. To properly maintain your hot water heater, completely shut it off and drain it out. Once drained, you can inspect all hoses for any leaks or cracks, the gas valve to ensure it’s tightly fitted, and the actual tank for corrosion or damage. Should you notice anything out of place, call in your local Las Vegas plumber to repair it before you find yourself unintentionally taking cold showers.

2. Don’t Wait On Your Washing Machine

Did you know all washing machine hoses should be replaced every three years? The laundry room is a potential home hazard in the summer, as the multitude of dirty laundry puts a strain on the appliances. Your washer and dryer see tons of use during warmer months, which means now is the perfect time for a quick inspection. If you know the hoses haven’t been replaced, head on down to your local home supply store and buy new ones. Replacing them is as easy as popping off the old ones and inserting the new hoses. If they have been replaced, still check to make sure all hoses are in good condition, with no bulging or gaps. Appliances should be at minimum four feet out from the wall to prevent kinks, and (although it isn’t technically plumbing), you should clean your lint trap every load.


3. Keep Sinks Food-Free

Outdoor barbecues are a staple for hot weather, but not everyone always cleans their plate. Contrary to popular belief, your garbage disposal is not intended to have food scraps thrown down it. With all the hosting and entertaining going on, make sure you’re throwing leftovers in the garbage instead of down the sink to prevent clogs. If it’s too late and something went down when it shouldn’t, shut off your water for a few minutes and disassemble the pipes to clean it out manually. Never use commercial drain cleaners!


4. Wash Yourself Outside

No, we’re not suggesting you actually shower outside! Gardening is a great pastime, but you get dirty doing it and all that gravel and dirt shouldn’t go down your shower drain. If you, the little ones, or the dog get a little muddy outside, take a hose to any problem areas before showering off. This prevents build up in your shower and sinks and extends the lifespan of your pipes. No one likes a clogged pipe, but if you do end up with one, don’t panic and contact Sin City Plumbing today at (702)-431-6502 for immediate assistance.


5. Water at Appropriate Times

If you haven’t switched to desert landscaping, or perhaps have a very large collection of bushes or trees, you know your watering system can be costly. To get the most out of your watering, make sure to only water at approved and appropriate times. Las Vegas has relatively strict guidelines on when you can water, and for good reason. By watering in the early morning, you avoid undue strain on your sprinkler system since it only runs as needed. Afternoon watering means it’ll evaporate before actually hydrating your plants, wasting water and putting pressure on your plumbing.

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