Sin City Plumbing Talks How to Get Soft Water in Las Vegas

How frustrating is it to pull dishes out of the dishwater and see water spots all over them? What about taking what should be a relaxing shower and ending up with dry, tight skin? Both are terrible, and both are tall tale signs that you’ve got a serious hard water issue. That’s not surprising, considering Las Vegas water is ranked as ‘very hard’ by the water department; it comes in at a whopping 290 parts per million, and anything higher than 181 PPM is considered bad. Hard water can be damaging to your health, your skin, and especially your pipes. So how do you get soft water in Las Vegas? We’re here to tell you!


Most of the water in Las Vegas comes from Lake Mead, which is primarily runoff from snowcaps melting. The runoff picks up other particles along the way, including chemicals like magnesium and calcium deposits – neither of which you particularly want to drink. In fact, calcium overload from drinking hard water causes almost ¾ of all kidney stones! It also dries out your skin every time you bathe, which can lead to dermatitis. Overall, it’s just not worth it to have it in your home.


The good news is that you can install a water softener in your home with very little hassle (if you go through a reputable plumber, of course). There are a ton of brands to choose from, but most water softeners all work the same way. Almost all water softeners come with two tanks, a resin tank and a brine tank. These connect to your household water supply and work by ion substitution. You fill one of the tanks with specialized salt and, as the water cycles through it on its way to your sink or shower, the salt replaces the mineral deposits and makes the water harmless.


Water softeners can be complicated to install depending on the water source for your home, but we’re experts in every situation you can imagine. By installing a water softener, you won’t have any spots on your dishes, your showers will be infinitely more comfortable, and your water will taste significantly better. Water softeners not only offer health benefits, but also offer benefits to your home. With soft water, you won’t be leaving mineral deposits that can cause corrosion or clogs in your pipes, saving you from emergencies in the future.


Getting soft water in your home shouldn’t be a luxury, and we work with you to make sure that you get an option that’s affordable. If you’re not sure whether you have hard or soft water, make an appointment with us – we’ll come check it out for you and do a full test of your system.

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