Simple Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Home plumbing maintenance tips are essential to extend the life of the pipes and appliances in your home. You may discover a startling amount of preventable fundamental problems with some simple tasks you can undertake yourself. Help your pro plumber upkeep your property and save time and money by doing the right things regularly. This summer, Sin City Plumbing has simple home plumbing maintenance tips you can do yourself.

Routine Care to Maintain Your Fixtures

Managing maintenance tasks preserves your pipes’ longevity. We want to provide summer plumbing tips that help you stay on top of these critical maintenance jobs. 

The first? Clean your showerhead, especially if you have hard water. Showerheads easily clog from mineral deposits, making them less effective. Unscrew your shower head, soak it in vinegar for a day, and screw them back on to get it clean. It’s that easy! When unchecked, hard water can block water flow entirely, and you will have to replace the showerhead.

To prevent unnecessary damage, we recommend installing a water softener. Water softeners save time, and offer a lot for your home. Learn the benefits of a water softener here.

Flushing your water heater is an essential upkeep tip that homeowners put off. At least once a year, shut off the heater, open the valve at the bottom, and let it drain. Cleaning your heater extends the life of your heater.

With winter comes potentially leaky pipes, so summer is a great time to inspect your system. Walkthrough your house and check your pipes wherever you can see them. Check for corrosion, rust, moisture, broken, or bent parts. Check the grouting around your bathtub tiling. Put food coloring in your toilet tank to see if it gets into the bowl without you flushing.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Problems

Get familiar with the main water valve. Every home has one, and you should know where it is to shut off the water when needed. Toilets, every sink in the house, and bathtubs and showers should have individual shutoffs. Knowing where these are can save you a lot of hassle and water damage if you spring a leak somewhere.

Toilet clogs and leaks are another common maintenance problem. Don’t flush anything down your toilet except for human waste and toilet paper. Knowing how to stop an overflowing toilet, clear clogs, and when to replace a toilet tank are essential skills to have.

Plumbing problems

When to Call in the Pros

Plumbing problems are intimidating. If you have a plumbing problem that you’re not sure you can tackle on your own, turn the water valve for the appliance and call the experts. Home plumbing maintenance tips are great and will get you far but don’t be shy when the issues get out of hand. If you need help with preventative plumbing maintenance, contact Sin City Plumbing today to learn more!

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