Five of the Scariest Situations According to Las Vegas Plumbers

A lot of things go down your drain—dirty, nasty things you wash off and flush down. There are also scary things that go up your pipes and into your toilets, and items that accidentally go down your drain or toilet and cause plumbing nightmares—things you would rather let plumbers deal with than risk your own safety.

Such plumbing nightmares have haunted many plumbers, mostly without any warning. So to acknowledge their bravery in their work, here are five of the scary and creepy situations that Las Vegas plumbers experienced and solved on the job:

1. Snakes in the toilet – Surprisingly, snakes do turn up in toilets and pipes. This is not only scary for the affected customers, but also for the hired plumbers. Snakes can sometimes crawl up your pipes because they think it’s a good hiding place or they’re chasing food—rats—that run up and down your pipes. This kind of situation is highly dangerous, especially if the snake is venomous and can bite the unsuspecting plumbers and homeowners.

2. Flooding due to foreign objects in the pipes – objects that are not intended to exist in the pipes sometimes do end up in there. The most common foreign objects found by plumbers in the pipes include toys, dentures, razors, and even condoms. These objects block the drainage systems and can cause sewage water to backflow and flood the house or building. This is dangerous as sewage water is full of disease-causing contaminants and parasites that can infect the plumbers at work and the clients who try to help them.

3. Flooding due to broken faucets or pipes – Plumbers sometimes face the danger of slipping and drowning at work when they deal with broken pipes that have already flooded the basement halfway. Even broken faucets can cause such flooding, especially if the problem was noticed too late.

4. Dead body masses – The pipes are home to some critters like rats and spiders. Sometimes, plumbers are startled or freaked out when they suddenly touch something damp, soft and slippery in the pipes only to find out it’s a dead body of a rat, squirrel, or raccoon. These dead, decomposing bodies pose health dangers because they have bacteria and parasites that can infect people through direct contact or by contaminating the ground water through the drains.

5. Ghosts and apparitions – Believe it or not, some plumbers have experienced paranormal haunting in some buildings they worked plumbing jobs for. Most of the time, plumbers work in areas in buildings that are dark, damp and creepy—a suitable environment for such paranormal activities. Whether it’s real ghosts or purely just imagination, this kind of experience can surely scare the wits out of plumbers.

These scary situations don’t have to happen to you or your loved ones. Situations like these might be unexpected, but you can avoid them from happening by taking the proper preventative measures recommended by the professionals.

Here are some tips to help you avoid those scary situations:

• Place wire mesh screens over toilet vents so that critters can’t crawl or swim up your toilet.
• Keep your toilet seat down and your bathroom door closed when no one’s using it so that critters that accidentally emerge from the toilet can’t roam around the room or the house.
• Always look into the toilet before you use it just to make sure you won’t be sitting over a lurking critter. Also, always check if something comes up after flushing.
• If you see a critter in the toilet bowl, close the seat back down to prevent it from escaping out and try to flush it away. Usually, critters like rats, frogs or spiders can be easily flushed back down.
• Don’t flush any plastic, wood, metal or ceramic items down the toilet or drain.
• Always record or save the number of your plumbing contractor that provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services.
• And most importantly, always have a plumbing contractor inspect your piping system on a regular basis (annual) to detect any leak, deterioration, weakened or loosened part, or presence of vectors. An annual check-up will allow your plumber to identify damaged pipes and replace them before the problem worsens.

Fast and reliable plumbing services that you can count on during emergencies are important to help you maintain a functional home or business. Choosing the right contractor for the job can be quite tricky, but luckily for Las Vegas residents, you can trust Sin City Plumbing & Maintenance LLC for all your plumbing needs. With their satisfaction guarantee for all repair, replacement, installation and maintenance services, you won’t have to worry about plumbing nightmares anymore.

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