Prevent Your Kitchen Disposal from Clogging After a Cookout

Summer is synonymous with cookouts! The grill becomes the heart of the celebration but these parties can lead to a kitchen disposal nightmare. This guide will walk you through avoiding the traps that summer dinners can pose to your kitchen disposal. The only memories you make are of good times, not plumbing problems.

Common Mistakes and Problematic Foods

When the grill cools down and it’s time to clean up, it’s tempting to let the kitchen disposal handle all of the leftovers. Stop before you send it to the drain! Not all foods are disposal-friendly. Here’s a rundown of common summer foods that you should avoid putting into the disposal:

Corn Husks: The fibrous material can jam the disposal by tangling around the blades.

Grease and Fat: Although liquid fats seem innocuous, they may harden within pipes and clog them.

Bones: Rib or chicken bones may be too tough to discard without risking damage to the blades.

Fruit Pits: Similar to bones, avocado or peach pits can damage the disposal system.

Rice and pasta have the tendency to clump together and expand when wet, blocking drains.

Vegetable Peels: Onions, potatoes, and carrots can build up and clog the disposal.

Coffee Grounds: Although they appear to flow easily, coffee grounds can accumulate and choke pipes.

Be mindful of these foods during your summer cookouts for proper kitchen disposal care. You can prevent disposal clogs and ensure your post-party cleanup is as breezy as the summer night.

How to Keep Your Disposal Running Smoothly

Now that we know the “do not feed” list for disposals, let’s switch gears to how you can keep your disposal running like a well-oiled machine. Proper disposal care and maintenance should include the following:

Run Cold Water: Always use cold water when grinding food scraps. The running water solidifies any grease or oils so they can be ground up.

Cut Waste into Small Pieces: Large pieces can be a challenge. Cut them down to size to keep things moving smoothly.

Regular Cleaning: A mix of ice cubes and salt or vinegar can help clean the blades and remove any built-up food particles.

What to Throw Away: When in doubt, throw it out. Foods high in fiber, bones, and any non-food items should go straight to the trash (or compost!).

Adopting these simple practices can keep your plumbing happy and your cleanups hassle-free.

When to Call in the Professionals

Even with all the preventive measures in the world, sometimes the disposal wins the battle. Some homeowners can tackle DIY plumbing fixes. Read more about saving time and money on fixes here. 

Despite several tutorials on the internet, disposal maintenance is not an easy task! Fixing a disposal clog causes stress and has its downsides.

Despite your best efforts, no amount of cleaning banishes the smell. Perhaps you hear a grinding, humming, or unusual sound that you’re worried about. Even worse, it’s possible that your drain isn’t emptying!

Taking care of the plumbing beneath your sink is a messy task that comes with risk if the project is not completed correctly. Sin City Plumbing emerges as a much-needed professional in these trying plumbing times. They’ll make sure your disposal is in working order, and your barbecue stays a happy memory rather than a plumbing disaster.

If you need a plumber in the Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, area, call for prompt and expert care: (702) 431-6502.

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