10 Plumbing Myths

Today, there are lots of plumbing misconceptions that are floating around. These misconceptions or myths are being passed around from one homeowner to another as ...
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Things to Know About Using Toilets in Other Countries

Traveling can be fun but almost all people who visit other countries know how challenging it is to find clean and comfortable toilets. Most of ...
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4 Tips on What to Do If You Have a Flooded House

A flooded home can be an inconvenience that involves pricey repairs.  The best way to avoid this is to do regular maintenance checks and spot ...
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Installing Led Lights

No More Backflow!

Backflow is the reverse water flow in pipelines causing contamination in the public water supply. This usually happens when the server or the customer’s property ...
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3 Common Floor Drain Issues

Floor drains are simple features at home that surprisingly cause major problems when not attended to properly. Usually placed on the ground floor, in basements, ...
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Redesigning Your Bathroom For The Elderly

If you have elderly people living in your house, or if you’re going past your prime yourself, then considering customizing your bathroom to be more ...
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Avoid Plumbing Issues This Summer

Summer is a great and fun time of the year. The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and life, in general, is ...
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Washing Machines’ Plumbing Operations

Doing laundry is a tedious task for anyone, especially when you are doing the laundry for your whole family. It’s a good thing that the ...
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