lady drinking water

Why a Water Filter is Always Essential

While you may think that tap water is just fine for your drinking needs, adding a filter can make all the difference in your health. …

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Don’t Panic! This Is Why Your Toilet Is Overflowing

You would be surprised by how many people suffer from toilets overflowing every day. It can be frustrating and sometimes a little scary not to …

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Sewer Roaches

What Are Sewer Roaches?

Sewer roaches are monstrous bugs that are truly nightmares for homeowners in Vegas. While many people think they’re a rare and unique breed of horror, …

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Man Soldering

Key Differences Between Soldering and Brazing

Plumbers use a lot of different methods to join metal together. These include welding, soldering, and brazing. Soldering and brazing are by far the most …

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your toilet water turns blue

What To Do When Your Toilet Water Turns Blue

If your toilet water turns blue, it’s probably because you used a blue toilet tablet. These tablets are a means of keeping your toilet bowl …

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check for grill gas leaks

How to Check for Grill Gas Leaks

We all worry about gas leaks in our homes, especially after seeing stories on the news about disastrous tragedies. Learn how to check for grill …

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Hacks to flush your toilet water

3 Hacks To Flush Your Toilet Water

Your home’s plumbing works correctly 99% of the time, but the one time it doesn’t can be majorly embarrassing. The toilet is a very personal …

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How to Replace Your Showerhead

How to Replace Your Showerhead

A gross or old showerhead can make a huge difference in your quality of life. With how hot summers in Las Vegas get, you want …

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