Plumbing Accident: How to Repair Your Home After

So, a homeowner’s worst nightmare has happened: a major plumbing accident. There are multiple ways a plumbing accident can go down (burst pipes, septic leaks, damaged water heaters, etc.), and each should be taken care of by a professional. When something constitutes an emergency, you don’t want to play around with DIY-ing it. The one place you do have a firm hand in when it comes to plumbing accidents is the repair. From thoroughly drying out your carpet to tackling foul smells, we’ve got the 411 on how to repair your home after a major plumbing accident.

What you should do if the plumbing accident is still happening

We want to shout this from the rooftops: safety comes first! Always remember when dealing with a plumbing accident that your safety is tantamount to any other thing in your home. The most important thing is to get yourself and your family to a safe, dry area. If you find yourself able to, shut the power off to the area which is water damaged. You don’t want to try to repair anything in an area where electrical wiring and water could mix. Once the power is shut off, call your trusted local emergency plumber to assess the damage. Once the area has been repaired, you can begin fixing any spots which need aftercare.

How to assess the damage after a plumbing accident

If everything has been repaired to the best it can be, you should next assess the damage. A lot of damage will be readily visible, such as discoloration on the walls or bubbling in the paint. Any spots which are easily identifiable to the naked eye are emergency spots and should be looked at immediately. Not everything can be salvaged after a plumbing accident, so if fixtures or carpets have been soaked through, they may need to be discarded. Remove any soaked pieces to minimize permanent damage. From there, check to make sure natural woods aren’t warping. This will allow you to prepare for the repair stage.

Repairing a plumbing accident’s damage: what to do

The most important thing to do after a major plumbing accident is to dry everything out. Las Vegas is very fortunate due to the naturally arid environment, so simply opening the windows will greatly help. Mop up any standing water or consider renting a wet-dry shop vac from a local hardware supply store to remove water. Once the water has been removed, you can focus on replacing carpet, flooring, or pipes which sustained damage during the accident. The goal will be to return things to the same or better condition to what it was before the accident. For items such as pipes, aim for better quality than before the accident. This will prevent future damage, so the upfront cost will help save money in the long run.

Avoiding smells and stress after the accident

Even if water has been removed from the site of the accident, you may still deal with collateral damage. There are usually foul smells associated with plumbing accidents, but you should only ever try to handle stale scents by yourself. A stale smell is normal and can usually be fixed by drying out the area, either through open windows or a dehumidifier. Any septic or waste smells should be checked out by a professional, as they could be dangerous to handle by yourself. To spare yourself any stress, try to go for repair options which are ‘set-and-forget’. This includes setting fans on an area to dry them out or bringing in a professional to make sure you have no damage to the area. For any help with your project and all your plumbing needs contact Sin City Plumbing.

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