Las Vegas Residential Plumber Shares 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Jacuzzi

People in Las Vegas enjoy a nice, hot bath after a long, hectic day at work. That is why many residents are installing hot tubs in their own homes. However, a Jacuzzi wears out easily from frequent use. It also needs proper care and maintenance. Las Vegas residential plumbers recommend the following maintenance tips for your hot tubs.

Five Helpful Tips to Keep Your Jacuzzi Clean

1. Use hot tub covers.

This is the simplest and fastest way to keep the Jacuzzi clean. It shields the hot tub from dust and debris that may contaminate the water in it. Good hot tub covers are made of either vinyl or acrylic material.

2. Change the water regularly.

It sounds a bit wasteful but it is recommended that water on a hot tub should be changed at least twice a year. It is a good habit to replace the water every three to six months.

3. Leave the hot tub on at all times.

Stagnant water is the favorite breeding place for bacteria. Algae could easily build up inside the tub. Therefore, it is advised that water in the Jacuzzi is kept flowing and circulated.

4. Clean and replace filters every two weeks.

Dirt and unwanted particles get stuck in the filter cartridges after some time of use. The cartridges must be replaced and cleaned as often as necessary.

5. Sanitize your hot tub.

Bacteria and other harmful compounds may be present in the hot tub. Professional plumbers recommend using chlorine or bromine to sanitize your Jacuzzi. However, some people experience skin irritation because of these substances. It’s a good idea to consult a specialist for alternative solutions regarding this matter. There are plumbers in Las Vegas who specialize in Jacuzzi repair and installation. You can always contact one of them for advice.

Where to find the best plumbers in Las Vegas?

Sin City Plumbing Maintenance, LLC houses highly – trained and qualified plumbing technicians in Las Vegas. The company is a member of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors of Nevada. This association provides education and training to all of its members. It is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the plumbing industry in the state of Nevada.

Sin City plumbers in Las Vegas specialized in same – day, residential plumbing. They offer plumbing repairs, water heater installations, sewer and drain cleaning, high pressure hydro jetting, video pipeline inspections, steam and sauna repair and other services. They are also certified for back flow plumbing and Jacuzzi repair and installation. They are the best Last Vegas residential plumbers to employ for the proper maintenance of your hot tubs.

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