Maintenance Care for Your Jacuzzi/Spa

If you want your Jacuzzi/Spa to have a longer life expectancy, you must maintain your Jacuzzi regularly.

Maintaining a hot tub is not as difficult as it may seem. You must be aware of what steps to take and acknowledge when your Jacuzzi needs your attention.

The Exterior

1. Use a vinyl protector to protect your Jacuzzi/Spa’ hot tub cover from dirt, stains, and the elements, particularly from damage from UV rays.
2. See to it that the cover is dry and clean.
3. Apply the vinyl protector on the surface of the cover. See to it that the cleaner does not get inside the hot tub and possibly change the water chemistry adversely
4. Wash the underside of the cover. Use a non-abrasive sponge and a garden hose to eliminate stains or dirt.
5. Allow the clean cover to air dry.
6. Wipe the acrylic shell of the spa.

Does your Jacuzzi/Spa have an acrylic shell? Germs and grime will not be able to get through the acrylic surface of the shell. However, you need to wipe the shell down with a damp cloth every now and then so that it does not get too dusty from sitting outdoors.

The Interior

1. Use water purification chemicals.
2. You should ensure that the water stays clear and clean. Simply add your choice of Spa/Jacuzzi chemicals to purify the water and get rid of standing germs and other bacteria. Baquanine, bromine, chlorine, and other mineral-based purifiers are popular options.
3. After you use your Jacuzzi/Spa, test the water’s chemical balance. If necessary, add the sanitizer of your choice. The sanitizer will give the water a consistent pH balance. It will also ensure that the water remains crystal clear.
4. “Shock” the water once a week by adding a larger measure of the same sanitizer. The dosage will depend on the make, size, and model of your Jacuzzi/Spa, as well as on the frequency of its use.
5. Clean your filter regularly. Prolong the life of your spa by cleaning the filter once a month. Replace a frayed or cracked filter with a new one.


How long can you expect your Jacuzzi/Spa to last?

A Jacuzzi/Spa’s life depends on two critical factors — the quality of the tub and the care and maintenance the Jacuzzi acquires.A cheap hot tub made with low-quality material may last between 5 to 10 years. A high-quality hot tub, on the other hand, can last for more than 20 years, especially if you take excellent care of it.

Ask your dealer or plumber for information about the proper chemical configuration for your spa. You can also have them advise you when to clean and replace your filter. Contact us at Sin City Plumbing if you have any questions/concerns.

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