Learn the Benefits of a Water Softener!

With the high mineral levels in Las Vegas water, residents prefer the benefits of a water softener in their businesses and homes. Installing a water softener improves water quality, lowers the utility bill, and protects your appliances. Check out some of the benefits of a water softener and learn why you should buy a water softener today.

Improve Water Quality

Installing a water softener is a huge quality of life addition to the home. The vast majority of the United States, including Las Vegas, has hard water. Hard water has minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfates, and bicarbonates. These minerals dry out the skin and wear out your appliances. Water softeners remove minerals before they reach the rest of your home, resulting in healthier skin, longer-lasting equipment, and preventative care for the pipes in your home. 

Protect Your Pipes and Appliances

The most significant advantage of a water softener is the prevention of pipeline damage.

Hard water builds up mineral deposits in your plumbing lines, shortening their life. Eventually, mineral deposits ruin the pipes in your home and wreak havoc on expensive fixtures like washing machines and dishwashers. A softener preserves them from these damages which extends their life.

Even beyond damage, hard water makes itself known in other ways, too. Have you noticed spots on your dishes when you open your dishwasher finishes its cycle? Those spots are another culprit of hard water. Sometimes what we think of as “soap scum” in bathtubs is due to hard water and not soap at all. When you use a softener, you’re removing these mineral deposits, leaving everything perfectly clean.

Save Money on Utilities and Supplies

Hard water costs you a lot of money. Scale buildup in your plumbing results in very expensive repairs and the replacement of pipes and appliances. This buildup also affects water pressure, which means you’re spending more money on water, gas, and electricity – especially if you’re running hot water. Cut down on your utilities with softened water. You’ll also need about half the amount of soap for everything from showers, dishes, clothes, and more. 

Remove Bad Taste

Hard water is known for its undesirable metallic or mineral taste. Many people prefer softened water because it removes these tastes and leaves the water tasting fresh. Sometimes excess fluoride, chloramine, and other chemicals get added to water lines. These chemicals affect the taste of water, and while not harmful to drink, are not preferred for ingestion.

Sin City Plumbing Installs Water Softeners

Installing a water softener changes your quality of life, from taste to laundry. Get better quality water, protects your pipes and fixtures, keep items like dishes and clothes cleaner, and save money. Get an installation that meets all the local building codes with Sin City Plumbing. If you’re ready to get yours installed, contact Sin City Plumbing today to learn more.

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