Las Vegas Water Filtration Systems: How to Choose the Best One

It’s a common joke in Las Vegas that by ordering still water with a slice of lemon in a restaurant, you’re ordering a ‘Lake Mead Lemonade’. Whether this makes you laugh or scrunch your face up in disgust is up to you, but the fortunate thing is that it doesn’t have to be that way at home. Las Vegas water filtration systems are extremely common, affordable, and come with benefits to your health and home. With the amount and variety of options that are available, choosing the right one might seem daunting – but we’re here to help! Here are some of our tips on how to choose the best water filtration system for your home.

Think of what you really want pure water for. Do you care if your dishes are washed with standard tap water, and you only feel that you need purified drinking water? Or does the thought of taking a bath in hard water make you shudder? Determining what your water filtration needs are before heading to the store or calling a plumber is crucial. Many of the more affordable methods are almost solely for drinking water, or for a single faucet in your home.

If you’re an apartment renter, you might be limited in the options that are out there. Choosing a water filtration system for an apartment or a home where you can’t access the water source (say, a townhouse) will keep you more or less limited to pitcher-style units, countertop units, or faucet filtration systems. Any of these options will work great, and the cost is usually significantly lower than if you were to install a whole-home water filtration system. Faucet filtration systems are a great choice if you like to hand wash dishes and want the cleanest water available, but if you’re only thinking about drinking water, a pitcher with a built-in, replaceable filter is a great choice. Either of these will be available at nearly any big box store in Las Vegas, or you could order directly online.

Whole home filtration systems can be a bit trickier, and we always recommend giving us a call before investing in these so that you can have an experienced plumber assess whether or not your pipes are well suited for a whole home filtration system. The good thing about a whole home filtration system is that it will be providing clean water before it even enters your home, but these systems typically only take away things such as mineral deposits (to protect your pipes). They typically do not remove chemical contaminants, so keep in mind that a whole home filtration system may still need to be supplemented with another option, such as a faucet filtration system.

Once you narrow down a few options with what your needs are in mind, don’t be afraid to shop around for some choices. Multiple accredited companies produce filtration systems, but not all products are created equal. You might find you prefer the taste of a carbon filter over a reverse osmosis filter, so make sure you try before you buy!

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