Las Vegas Plumbing Company Shares 3 Easy Tricks

There are many good reasons to call your local Las Vegas emergency plumber, but not every plumbing issue is an emergency. Leaks, burst pipes, or equipment installation should almost always be handled by a professional. Minor annoyances like hair clogs or jammed fixtures can often be taken care of as a DIY project. Knowing what to do when faced with these small problems is the first step in taking charge of your plumbing repairs! Our plumbing experts have put together three tricks to help you get started.

Heat Jammed Pipes to Get Them Moving

Sometimes you know you’re able to fix a problem yourself like a cracked u-bend, but run into stuck fitting plumbing. Instead of calling your local Las Vegas plumber out to handle this simple repair, unstick the clogged pipe yourself. Have you ever run a jar of pickles under hot water to loosen the lid? The same principle applies to unscrew stuck plumbing. Heat applied directly to the fitting changes the pressure just enough to loosen the joint. Once you’ve got it to move even the slightest bit, it should effortlessly come free.

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Fight Hair Clogs With Zip Ties

Hair is a plumber’s worst enemy! Even short locks tangle by themselves and collect products that otherwise would be flushed away with water, like soap scum. Hair is the number one cause for clog pipes in the bathroom. You are bound to run into this issue at least once. No need to invest in costly drain snakes to cure hair clogs. Buy a multipack of basic zip ties. Cut small, angled ridges into alternating sides of the zip ties using a very sharp knife or razor. Gently pull out these new ridges to create teeth. Once you have the teeth set up, you can insert the zip tie into the drain, circle once or twice, and pull out the hair effortlessly. The zip ties are relatively soft plastic and shouldn’t damage your drain like chemical cleaners!

Break Up Hard Water’s Mineral Deposits with White Vinegar

Nothing feels better than a long shower after being in the Vegas Valley heat unless your water pressure is disappointing. Low water pressure is one of the frequent reasons homeowners call their local Las Vegas plumber. We love hearing from you, but we don’t want you to waste your money on routine repairs. This common occurrence you can easily fix! A frequent reason for low water pressure in the shower is mineral deposits clogging the showerhead. If you don’t have a water softener installed, the water will contain minerals which slowly build up over time. To clean these deposits out, remove the showerhead. Place in a plastic bag and fill the bag with ordinary white vinegar. Let it sit for at least two hours and then rinse thoroughly with water. Once you screw the showerhead back in, you’ll be amazed at the difference!

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