Las Vegas Plumber: 3 Ways to Maintain the Pipes in Your Home

Any Las Vegas plumber worth their salt will tell you an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to pipe maintenance. Many people opt to ignore their plumbing until something goes wrong, costing them hefty amounts in the long run. Taking a few quick steps every week or so to maintain your pipes will save you the hassle of having a major plumbing issue in the future. In Las Vegas, frozen pipes aren’t common, but local plumbers frequently get calls on preventable leaks, burst pipes, and clogs. We know you don’t want to make those calls, so check out these three ways to maintain the pipes in your home!


1.Soften Your Water

Aside from the eco-friendly homes built within the last decade or so, most Las Vegas homes do not come equipped with a water softener right at the time of sale. Hard water is a fact of life in the Valley, and the naturally occurring minerals which it contains wreak havoc on your plumbing. Aside from making your showers and drinking water more unpleasant, hard water leaves build up on your pipes over time. This buildup of minerals, such as calcium, slowly pile into your plumbing and restrict water flow. The restricted water flow increases pressure, which can lead to a burst pipe or a leak. By installing a water softener for your home, you save your pipes the trouble of dealing with added pressure.


2. Watch the Drain

Clogged drains are more than just gross – they’re dangerous. Pipes are made to transport water, and certain types of waste and putting things in them which don’t belong will cause damage. One of the easiest ways to maintain your home’s pipes is simple: watch what you put down it. Hair and food scraps are two likely and avoidable culprits. By installing a strainer over your drains, you can prevent things from building up and essentially choking your pipes. While it’s not a pleasant job, taking the time to clean the strainer weekly instead of letting everything be flushed away and get stuck will keep your pipes healthy for the long run.


3. Avoid Drain-O

Any plumber, in Las Vegas or across the country, will tell you to never use the chemical drain cleaners you see at the supermarket. While it seems like a quick fix for a clogged pipe, they’re actually incredibly harsh on your plumbing. They work by breaking things down indiscriminately, so while they might break up that chunk of leftovers you accidentally put down the sink, they also erode the actual pipes. When weakened by harsh chemical cleaners, your pipes are much more likely to burst or leak, in which case you will need a plumber to handle the situation. Should this happen, don’t be afraid to contact the Top Las Vegas Plumbers.

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