How to Save Your Water Heater During The Fall

Your water heater takes a beating in the fall. As temperatures cool down, we naturally want to surround ourselves with warm baths and steam showers. As the weather goes down, your water usage goes up – and so does your bill! You don’t have to freeze this fall to save your water heater. Try these simple tips to keep your water heater abuse to a minimum.


Insulate Your Water Heater

Your home’s walls are insulated to keep heat in, so why not your water heater? The traditional tank water heater works by continuously keeping a supply of hot water at the ready. When you turn on the faucet, your tank pushes out that preheated water. The heater needs to maintain a warm temperature inside. Insulating your water heater lets it keep the water hot with significantly less effort every minute, which extends your water heater’s lifespan.


Adjust the Temperature Inside the Tank

Since water heater tanks need to keep the water inside at a steady degree, it makes sense to keep that temperature a reasonable one. Not everyone does this! Most tank heaters are set to approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is unnecessarily hot. The optimal temperature for human consumption (bathwater, your tap, etc.) is around 120 degrees. A trusted local plumber can adjust the tank’s temperature, so you’re more in line with your needs. As the tank doesn’t need to work as hard as maintaining the heat, your water heater won’t succumb to overwork.


adjusting temp

Replace Old Appliances

Not only are old appliances less energy-efficient, but they’re also less water efficient. A tool that is about a decade old is due for a replacement. Modern appliances, such as the refrigerator or dishwasher, significantly use less water and energy than previous models. The less hot water being pumped, the more you save.


Use More Cold Water

Don’t laugh, we’re serious! People use hot water for things they don’t necessarily use out of habit. To save your water heater this fall, only use hot water for what’s needed. Handwashing, teeth brushing, and laundry all benefit from cooler temperatures. Keeping hot water for important usages, such as dishwashing or bathing, will reduce strain on your water heater.


Put Your Water Heater on a Timer

Unless you work the night shift, there’s no point in having your water heater run all night. Put your electric water heater on a timer which shuts them off during non-use hours. Set the timer to turn off during hours your household is at work or school, asleep, or on vacation. Only operate your water heater when you may need it! For an expert opinion, have a professional plumber come in to install the timer. They can show you how it works, how to turn it off and on, and what’s needed from you to maintain the timer. For more common plumbing and other related tips, please contact Sin City Plumbing.

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