How to Replace Your Showerhead

A gross or old showerhead can make a huge difference in your quality of life. With how hot summers in Las Vegas get, you want to have a nice cleansing shower at the end of the day. Unfortunately, built-up holes in old showerheads can cause weak water pressure. Don’t worry! Replacing a showerhead is an easy-to-do project that won’t take more than a trip to a home supply store and 20 minutes of work. Sin City Plumbing is here to show you how to replace your showerhead! 


What You’ll Need To Replace A Showerhead 

Start your DIY project by gathering your tools. First, you will need a new showerhead to replace the old one. Most have standard fittings but make sure the one you purchase is compatible with your current plumbing. After that, pick up an adjustable wrench and slip-joint pliers. You’ll also need a roll of plumber’s tape and a few rags for cleaning up your workspace. 



taking out shower head

Removing Your Old Showerhead 

Removing your showerhead is relatively simple. Please take one of your rags and use it to get a good grip on the showerhead’s threading. Twist it until it comes loose and put it somewhere you don’t mind getting dirty. Next, use another rag and clean the threads where your old showerhead was screwed in. Also, clean the inside of the pipe for good measure! Lastly, wipe off any sticky residue from the previous batch of plumber’s tape and allow the area to dry. 


shower head taking out

Installing Your New Showerhead

Installing your new showerhead is almost as easy as removal was! First, read through the packaging instructions to find out any additional information. If not, grab your roll of plumber’s tape and wrap it a few times around the threading. Press it down gently with your hands until you can begin to see the threads pop out the plumbing tape. The purpose of this is to hold in water after your showerhead has been installed. Next, pick up your showerhead and screw the interior threading. Be very careful not to overtighten, as it could damage your pipes and lead to expensive repairs down the line. 


Troubleshooting Any Showerhead Leaks 

After you have your new showerhead installed, don’t clean up the area quite yet! Turn on the shower for a few minutes and inspect your work for any leaks. If water springs up from anywhere around the showerhead, turn off the water. Unscrew your new showerhead and apply more plumber tape approximately where the leak is. Rescrew the showerhead and check again for any leaks. If you have to do this process more than two times, give the team at Sin City Plumbing a call. You may be dealing with a more significant issue that should be left to the professionals! 

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