How to Repair a Plumbing Leak Until the Plumber Arrives

It always seems like there is a home emergency during the holidays when everyone is busy, and you can’t get someone out to fix the problem asap.

Having a plumbing leak is not only inconvenient, but it can also be messy, and cause a lot of damage if not fixed quickly. We don’t expect you to adjust the leak, that is our job. Don’t fret though. We can give you a few tips to suppress the problem until one of our plumbers arrive.

Call Sin City Plumbing

As soon as you notice a problem, give us a call. Our number is 702-431-6502 and get a time scheduled for one of our plumbers to get out there as soon as possible. The longer you let a plumbing leak persist, the more likely it is to cause damage to surrounding areas.

Shut Off the Water

After you have given us a call, shut off the water to that pipe immediately. To stop the leak, you will need to find the valve that goes directly to the pipe which should not be too hard to find and switch it in the opposite direction.

Drain the Remaining Water

Once you know the valves have been switched, and the water to the leaky pipe is turned off, you will need to turn on the connecting faucets to drain out any remaining water that could be sitting in there.

Clean the Area

This is the time to clean the rest of the area. Once you have removed all of the excess water, pat down your pipe and make sure it has been completely dried. Then anything around the area the could damage from the leaking water, remove. Then make sure you wipe down any surrounding cabinets or floor that may have gotten wet. Better safe than water damaged items later. Plus this will save time for our plumber when he arrives so he can get right to work.

Plumbing Repair Tape

Lastly, invest in some plumbing repair tape from your local hardware store. These are usually best for smaller plumbing leaks but can help a problem temporarily until a Sin City plumber can remedy the fix. Make sure not to rely on this quick fix for too long; plumbing tape is only meant to be a temporary problem solver.

If you have any questions about temporarily patching a leak, or already have one that needs attention right now, give Sin City Plumbing and Maintenance a call 702-431-6502 now!

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