How to Prevent Future Plumbing Problems

It is a known fact that high water pressure can cause a significant amount of damage to the plumbing system, especially in a residential building. Fixing the damage can also be quite expensive. The price of having to get the damaged plumbing fixed effectively offsets the comfort of having a shower at the third-floor bathroom. Some of the negative impacts of high water pressure include:

  • Leaks
  • Damage to pipes and other plumbing fixtures
  • Pipes bursting during the winter
  • Erosion on the inside of pipes and water heaters
  • Damage to appliances that require a direct connection to the water source such as a dishwasher
  • Mold and water stains due to the leaks

All this damage could then result to a high volume of wasted water that could’ve otherwise been used for other purposes. You are also letting your money go down the drain (literally and figuratively) when you let this problem persist.

Homeowners who are unsure if the pressure of the water in their homes is within safe limits can use a hose bib scale to measure it. This device is available in almost every hardware store that sells plumbing supplies. Once it is confirmed that the water pressure is above the normal safe limit, the next thing to do is to invest in a water pressure regulator.

A water pressure regulator is normally installed between the entry point of the main water line and the line’s primary shut off valve. The regulator ensures that water pressure is reduced even before the water reaches pipes and faucets. This reduction in water pressure is made possible through the presence of a diaphragm inside the regulator valve. The diaphragm automatically adjusts to constrict the incoming water so that it is released from the valve at a safe pressure level.

Do note that installation of a new water pressure regulator is not that easy. It entails a lot of work, which may necessitate the adjusting the position of the shut off valve in order to accommodate the regulator’s size or position. In this case, it is best to seek the aid of an experienced plumber from Sin City Plumbing. Once the regulator is properly installed, replacing it would be a lot easier and would no longer require the assistance of a plumber.

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