How to Pick the Right Bathroom Fixtures

The term bathroom fixtures can encompass everything from your toilet to cabinet hardware. Each bathroom fixture, whether small or large, is essential to the overall vibe of your bathroom. Picking the right fixtures during a remodel can transform your space from clinical to indulgent. But with so many options to choose from, how do you decide what matters most to you? The experts at Sin City Plumbing have got you covered with our guide on how to pick the right bathroom fixtures!


Getting Organized Is Step One

It would be best if you had a few things in place before starting any remodel. Sit down and decide what you’re comfortable spending. This budget will be where your decisions originate from, so find a number you’re happy with – but don’t go too cheap! Consider your bathroom fixtures an investment; if you ever choose to sell your home, you’ll get that money back. Once you have your budget set, sit down with a plumbing expert and go over any significant bathroom structure changes. If you’re moving your shower, you may have to reconsider what kind of cabinet will fit in the new space. They’re able to help figure out any potential roadblocks and make suggestions along the way. After, make a list of all the fixtures you’ll be replacing; this list can include appliances like toilets or minor hardware like cabinet pulls. Write down everything you want new versions of as a checklist.


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Get Inspired! Bathroom Fixture Designs

Once you’ve got the less-fun part out of the way, it’s time to find your inspiration! Look through magazines, online galleries, and in-person showrooms. Note what speaks to you, both in colors and styles. Do you like brass fixtures or stainless? Does copper light a fire in you? Are you interested in a boho-chic bathroom with a raised bowl sink and rain shower? Perhaps you’re looking for a sleek, modern bathroom that features a smart shower and imported toilet with bidet attachment. Consider making a Pinterest page or mood board to figure out what details are must-haves and what isn’t crucial.


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Speak With A Plumbing Specialist

After finding your inspiration, sit down again with your Sin City Plumbing expert. If you’ve discovered what style and finish speak to you and have your checklist and budget done, the next step is to source the plumbing fixtures themselves. Experienced plumbers have access to a wide variety of options, and they can use this variety to find you the perfect bathroom fixtures. The increased flexibility provided from working with an expert has the bonus of being a one-stop-shop. You don’t need to go from Home Depot to Lowe’s, pricing out the best bathroom fixtures – Sin City Plumbing is happy to do it for you!


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