How to Lower Your Water Bill In Las Vegas

Living in the desert of Las Vegas means constantly being water conscious. Your water bill can easily be the most expensive utility if you’re not careful. The good news is Las Vegas is a relatively easy city to be water conscious, because of our longstanding drought. You don’t need to do a complete plumbing system overhaul to get those dollar signs to go down. Homeowners who are looking to invest in their home can make bigger, long term choices such as installing ‘green’ appliances, but even small adjustments can mean huge savings on the water bill over time. Check out our tips on how to lower your water bill in Las Vegas.


Practice Make Perfect When Saving Water

Instead of immediately jumping to the most expensive, eco-conscious appliances in every area of your home, consider making small adjustments to your lifestyle first. Often the smallest changes can lead to the biggest results! For example, if you’ve lived in Vegas for long you’ve most likely seen the ‘Save Water, Shower Together’ commercial. It’s a funny way to convey an important message: showering uses significantly less water than baths (25 gallons vs. 75 gallons on average). A five-minute shower is plenty of time to get you clean and will take one third of the water, lowering your water bill instantly. Another popular alteration you can easily make is to integrate more desert landscaping into your exterior decor. The Las Vegas Valley Water District even offers a rebate program to pay you if you switch your grass to desert landscaping! Not only will your water bill go down, but you’ll get money back.


Going Green Means Getting More Green to Spend

‘Going green’ has been a trend in home appliances for years, and for good reason! A slightly higher upfront cost on your washer, dishwasher, toilet or refrigerator can lead to huge savings down the line. Eco-friendly appliances are built to achieve the same results with less water and energy, making them a double whammy for any homeowner who wants to lower their utility costs. A quick way to try out a water-friendly install is to swap your current showerheads for low flow versions. These, similar to low flow toilets, reduce the water being pumped out of the shower (or toilet). A high-quality low flow showerhead won’t be a noticeable pressure difference to you, but it will be to your water bill.


Still Spending? Give Your Water Bill a Check-Up

Changed your shower habits, installing a low flow toilet, and still spending what seems to be an unreasonable amount on your water bill each month? It might be time to do a check-up. Put a few drops of food dye in your plumbing and see if it leaks out anywhere it shouldn’t. Likely culprits are running toilets, which eat up excess water, or pipe leaks. If you see the food coloring showing up anywhere on the walls, call a plumber immediately to address the leak. Regularly clean out any appliances which could get gunked up, such as the dishwasher or garbage disposal. If these are unable to drain properly, they can overcompensate by overfilling and cost you money. If you notice something not working as it should, call your local plumber to check it out! For more tips on how to lower your water bill or for any plumbing emergencies contact Sin City Plumbing.

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