Hot Tub Maintenance 101

JacuzziHot tubs maintenance is much easier than you think. It only needs a moment of your time and you don’t even need to do it every day; you don’t even need any special skills. Just follow these tips and keep your hot tubs in good working condition!

Protect your hot tub cover using a vinyl protector. Before applying the vinyl protector, you should ensure that the cover is clean and dry. Remove the cover and use a garden hose to spray off any accumulated dirt or debris on top and the underside of the cover. Use vinyl cleaner only on top side of the cover. Just air dry the cover to dry.

Clean your filter.  Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning. It is important that you clean or change your filter at least every five weeks. Better yet, clean your filter weekly though to ensure that water flows through it properly. It is also a good idea to have a spare filter always on hand to replace the original. This allows a quick change out so your hot tub fun won’t be cut short.

Maintain the correct water balance. You need to check three things to maintain the correct chemical balance in your water. These are the calcium hardness, total alkalinity, and pH level. There are test kits to do this. It is suggested that you test the water weekly to minimize scale buildup and metal corrosion. Calcium hardness level greatly depends on your water source. It is ideal that you keep calcium level between 100 -200mg/l. Total Alkalinity should be checked every time fresh water is added. The ideal total alkalinity level to prevent pH level from fluctuating is between 125 – 150mg/l. You should keep the pH level should between 7.4 -7.6 to protect your tub. Maintaining this level would also give a sanitizing effect, and would be good for hot tub users.

Add sanitizer regularly. Control the bacteria and prevent algae growth by adding sanitizer recommended by hot tub dealers. You can use bromine or chlorine based products. Most people prefer using chlorine than bromine due to its smell.

Drain your hot tub every two to three months. Follow your hot tub manual instructions to do it properly. Always disconnect the tub from power source and make sure to select a safe and suitable drainage area.

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