Hot Tips for Hot Tub Date Nights

There’s nothing like a classic hot tub date night, and it’s a great excuse to get the tub going for the new year. Maybe it’s been a while since you have run the water or cleaned the hot tub. Or maybe you aren’t certain what is safe for your hot tub’s plumbing. If you want to make sure your hot tub is ready for an intimate evening, check out these hot tub do’s and don’ts.

Starting Your Hot Tub After Winter

Anytime it’s been a while since you’ve started up your hot tub, it’s essential to take the right steps to ensure a safe and fun time. Is the water heater working? Are the filters clean? First, test the water. We recommend testing water weekly, especially when it has sat unused for a while to prevent bacteria or contamination. Test the chemical balance for bacteria buildup. If the hot tub sat for months, it is time to empty, clean, and refill it. 

Here is your cleaning checklist:

  • Rinse your filters
  • Clean your cover
  • Check your pipes
  • Wipe down your water line
  • Drain refill areas

This checklist is your basic maintenance for health and safety. If these areas are not checked and cleaned, your hot tub can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Do not leave standing water inside if you don’t use your hot tub regularly.

Hot Tub Date Do Not’s

When you’re enjoying your hot tub together, there are some things you want to keep away. Anything electrical that plugs into the wall should not go anywhere near the hot tub. This includes stereo equipment. Music is terrific for setting the mood but not when it falls into the water. Try voice command stereos to avoid getting electronics and clunky remotes near the water.

Next, keep non-approved liquids away from the hot tub water. You might like scented oils and bath bubbles, but your hot tub doesn’t. That cute bath bomb will end up bombing the parts and machinery of the hot tub. Foods like chocolate or fondue are also a bad idea. You may think it’s romantic, but it won’t be when the messy foods cause bacterial growth on top of the damage.

Hot Tub Date Do’s

Now it’s time to get on with your romantic hot tub date night. Set up romantic, dim lighting with lanterns or scented candles in sight but away from the hot tub for ambiance. When it comes to food near your hot tub, choose strawberries or fruit. Fruit floats and can be easily caught and discarded if accidentally dropped—no need for a nasty clog with unwanted foods in your filters. Get fancy with your champagne or drinks, but avoid glass. Broken glass is not date night or hot tub friendly.

Dealing With Hot Tub Problems

Of course, nothing messes up a romantic evening like a malfunctioning hot tub. That’s why it’s essential to prepare in advance. If you’re still having issues getting your hot tub plumbing sorted out before your date night, contact Sin City Plumbing.

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