Great Gifts to Give a Plumber for Christmas

What could be worse than a bland, generic Christmas gift? Not much, that’s what. Whether if you’re a practical gift-giver instead of sentimental, or if you’re into giving extraordinary personalized gifts for every person you know, giving a gift that reflects on the person receiving it is crucial during the holidays. If you’ve got a friend who’s a plumber, or if you’d like to give your favorite team member from Sin City Plumbing a gift, we’ve got you covered on some great ways to give personalized gifts to your favorite plumber!

Personalized Belt Buckle

Plumber’s crack if a well-known and oft-used joke in everything from stand-up routines to common conversations. Spare your favorite plumber from laughter by giving him a personalized belt buckle to keep those pants from becoming a stereotype.

A Custom Leatherman

Anybody who works with their hands needs a set of tools, and Leatherman’s set the standard for those tools. These handy tools are a multi-set, which means that they come with pliers, pincers, and even potentially wire cutters. Get it engraved before Christmas for a personal touch.

Faucet Cufflinks

Bringing on the waterworks won’t be too hard when they see these. Giving sterling silver cufflinks in a faucet handle shape is a classy way to celebrate any occasion, especially Christmas.

Vinyl Decals

Toilet vinyls are rising on the Internet as a hilarious way to display your sense of humor to the most unsuspecting houseguests. You can go with a great classic like a decal of a snake hanging out in the bowl to get a good scare, or something more personal like a Super Mario Bros. decal to match their nerdy side.

Safety Glasses

Plumbers know that safety is no joke when it comes to their job, so give them a gift of security with some top-quality safety glasses. Protecting their eyes can be a chore at work, and making it easy with great goggles will always be appreciated.

No matter what you decide to gift, make sure to take into account the personality of the receiver. Knowing that the recipient doesn’t enjoy toilet humor will ensure you don’t get them the engraved toilet trophy that would undoubtedly sit in the closet for years, and not the display case. For any and all recommendations, give us a call!

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