Garbage Disposal: What is the Initial Installation Cost?

Garbage disposals can be one of the most useful tools in your kitchen. Their job is to grind small food scraps up and safely flush them into the septic system. Some homeowners consider them a necessity, but not every garbage disposal is alike. Depending on how fancy you want to get, they can be one of the cheapest upgrades you can do to your kitchen or one of the more expensive. If you’re comfortable doing work on your home (go with a basic model), you can even install a new garbage disposal yourself. What is the initial installation cost of a garbage disposal? It varies, but here’s our general guide:


Pros and Cons of a Garbage Disposal 

Our plumbing experts consider the garbage disposal to be an essential modern appliance. Not everyone agrees! The best benefit of having a garbage disposal is the quick clean up following meals. They’re able to take small scraps and grind them so they can pass safely through your pipes easily. This method is both eco-friendlier and more sanitary than chucking uneaten food in the trash. Some people do find this more trouble than it’s worth. Scraping food into the trashcan is easier for some homeowners. Another downside to the garbage disposal is it can clog relatively easily. Cleaning is simple (baking soda and vinegar) but must be disinfected frequently to avoid unpleasant odors. As a homeowner, you should weigh the pros and cons of having garbage disposal before purchasing one for installation. 

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Important Distinctions Between Garbage Disposal Feed Types

Garbage disposal comes in two different feed types: batch and continuous. Batch feed types let your fill-up your disposal before turning on the blades. It’s more energy and water efficient to use a batch feed, but if you don’t run it routinely, you can face some unpleasant odors from decaying food in the tank. The continuous feed garbage disposal does what the name implies: continuously runs, so you don’t have to flip a switch to turn it on. While this doesn’t use a lot of power, it does need constant running water. It can be a hefty addition to your water bill if you live in a drought-laden area like Las Vegas. 

Initial Installation Costs for a Classic Garbage Disposals

Opting for classic garbage disposal without all the bells and whistles will be the cheapest option. A standard plastic or stainless-steel garbage disposal unit will cost about $150 to purchase. Installation is an independent cost, but you can expect around another $100 to $150 for the base labor price. Most standard units you can install yourself to save the expense, but you can always hire a professional. 


What Upgrades Are Available?

To understand what the initial installation cost of your ideal garbage disposal is going to be, understand which upgrades you want. Garbage disposal upgrades range from mufflers to keep them quiet to scent release flanges to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Most increases are available separately, so you don’t need to decide at the same time as your initial installation. Things such as baffles can be installed after the fact to ensure utensils don’t fall in. Anti-jamming units, dishwasher connectors, and even high-tech push-button activations are all additions you can have installed. All of these upgrades usually cost under $50 each, but it’s highly recommended you hire a professional plumber to make sure it’s done accurately.


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