Garbage Disposal Check: Are You Putting These Down the Drain?

A garbage disposal is a great appliance for the kitchen, but it cannot get rid of all the waste from your house. Putting certain things down the kitchen sink has consequences like costly repairs or health hazards.

Never Put These Down the Drain

1. Large Amounts of Rice/Pasta

Never put large amounts of rice down a garbage disposal, as they can expand inside pipes and cause a clogged drain. When subjected to the grinding action of garbage disposal, they absorb water, swell and block the drain system.

2. Large Quantities of Egg Shells

Egg shells are an enemy of your garbage disposal. Not only can they cause blockages, but the sharp edges of these shells dull the blades within the disposal unit.

3. Large Bones

It would be best if you never put large bones, such as those from beef or poultry, down a garbage disposal. They are much too hard for the blades to break down and instead cause them to become damaged or even broken.

4. Grease and Oils

You should never put grease, fat, or oil in a kitchen sink. These substances cannot mix with water. They thicken fast and clog the drain, leading to expensive plumbing bills. Grease, fat, and oil are often found in fried foods like chicken, bacon, hamburgers, and French fries.

5. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds comprise insoluble particles that obstruct water flow. When coffee grounds mix with oils, they create a paste-like substance that accumulates, resulting in a clogged drain.

6. Non-Food Items

Putting non-food items like paper or plastic into a garbage disposal can damage its blades and motor. These materials do not break down, causing them to accumulate in the disposal and jam.

These are Okay.

1. Small Amounts of Food

Small amounts of food, such as mashed potatoes or rice, can go down the drain with your garbage disposal. Yet, too much of a good thing can become a problem for your pipes and the environment.

2. Cooked Vegetables

Cooked vegetables are suitable for your garbage disposal. Ensure they are soft enough not to damage the blades and not starchy enough to get stuck and cause drain problems.

3. Ice Cubes

You can put ice cubes down in your garbage disposal, but it is best to do so in moderation. While the occasional dropping of ice cubes sharpens your disposal blades, overuse can dull or chip those blades.

4. Bread

Bread easily dissolves in water, which is why it is safe to put down the garbage disposal. Bread does not bind together or clog the drain. Most particles will break down into smaller bits that can be disposed of properly.

5. Cooked Meat

If you put too many terrible things down the drain, you may eventually need to call a plumber to fix the problem or even replace your entire garbage disposal system. Contact Sin City Plumbing for help avoiding blockages in your garbage disposal system. Our Las Vegas plumber will advise what you should not put down the drain to keep your system running smoothly. Contact Sin City Plumbing with any garbage disposal emergency.

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