Celebrities Who Were Once a Plumber

People take it for granted, but the truth is, plumbing is an important trade. An American community’s water system would be unimaginable without plumbers. From small pipes in houses and buildings to the biggest pipes that provide water to the community, the services of plumbers are of utmost importance especially when problems arise.

However, there are plumbers who do not want to stay in this profession forever. For whatever reason, they may have they consider shifting to other professions.

Below are some famous people in America who at one time in their lives worked as a plumber.

Sir Michael Caine

Academy Award Winner Sir Michael Caine is an English actor who has portrayed different characters in many remarkable movies. Prior to his acting career, he took different jobs to earn a living. He worked as an assistant stage manager, filing clerk, messenger, and assistant plumber.

Pretty Boy Floyd

Charles Arthur Floyd or Pretty Boy Floyd is a famous underworld personality. He was involved in many cases of robbery and was arrested and jailed at the age of eighteen. After serving his jail term, he worked as a plumber before going back to the underworld to concentrate on bank robberies.

Joe Cocker

Grammy Award Winner John Robert “Joe” Cocker was a singer and musician from England. His style of music includes blues, pop, rock, and soul. However, before his singing career, he was involved in the plumbing business.

Bob Hoskins

Robert William “Bob” Hoskins was a multi-awarded actor from England. He was a Golden Globe and Cannes Film Festival best actor. Likewise, he was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his role in the movie Mona Lisa. Prior to his acting career, he took several jobs including that of an assistant plumber.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is a singer, actor, and songwriter from England. He is the lead vocalist of the famous rock band Black Sabbath that gave the world the immortal song Changes. At the early age of 15, he took different jobs including that of a construction worker, factory worker, and trainee plumber.

John Gotti

John Gotti was a famous American underworld personality. He came to power (in the underworld) when he became the Gambino Family’s big boss. He was not actually a plumber. However, he used his plumbing business as a front to cover-up his illegal activities.

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