Family Businesses vs. Big Corporations

A business that is owned by a family enjoys having an unprecedented good reputation. Customers look at that business as something that the family values dearly. It is regarded by customers as an integral part of the family’s legacy.

The good reputation of a family-owned business shoots up if it is also run by the family. It is one thing when family members own stakes in a business but have hired other people to run it. Family members holding key positions in a business shows that the business is truly an extension of a functional and harmonious family. 

Most family-owned businesses, whether small or medium enterprises, even have better reputations than large corporations. The key factor of having the family involved is the greatest advantage of family-owned businesses.

The family is the core unit of every society. Familial relations are generally tighter and the loyalty of family members to each other is unquestionable. This almost always ensures that a family business will be run well.

Customers are also aware that families will do everything to protect their name. Family businesses strive hard to give the best service not just to please their customers but also to protect their family history. When they get great feedback, they do not just feel good about a job well done, they also feel satisfied in making their relatives proud and making their good name even better.

The case is different in big corporations. Company loyalty varies among employees and executives in large businesses. Some work just for the money while there are also those who truly love their company.

Family members involved in a business are also commonly hands-on. A family-owned company will be able to give better customer service than a corporation because it can make decisions easily. In a family business, a family member can immediately send people and release orders during emergency situations.

A corporation, in contrast, has a fixed process that has to be followed on good days and bad days. Every decision of a corporation has to be approved by the board. There are times when an order is released only after the necessary signatures and clearances are acquired.

Moreover, family businesses provide better customer service because they treat their staff and customers as family. The welfare of employees and customers are well taken care of. Employees who are treated as extended family members by the owners tend to treat customers the same manner.

We thrive to be an example of a business that is owned and operated by a family. Our family business in Las Vegas, Nevada is proud to offer plumbing services for newly-constructed structures, commercial establishments, and residential properties.

We have been providing high quality plumbing services for more than six years under the tutelage of founder Michael J. Eigner. We aim to carry on in providing professional plumbing services around the clock. We hope to maintain good customer relationships that will last a lifetime, just like how it is in our family.

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