The Most Effective Drain Cleaners

Food waste, oils, grease and hair are only some of the stuff we encounter whenever we have a clogged drain system. Unclogging the drainage system, commonly known as drain cleaning can be done by either the use of a drain-cleaning machine or using drain cleaners bought at your local super store.

Drain cleaners may have the ability to remove such nuisance in the drain system to prevent any further clogs. Drain cleaners can be categorized to two major types – the chemical and the biodegradable type.

The former is most widely used since most of the chemical-based drain cleaners have sulfuric acid (a highly strong acid) or sodium hypochlorite as their main component. Chemical drain cleaners can dissolve the lodged materials in the drain with high efficiency. Since they could disintegrate organic material clogging the drain, they can also react with the human skin especially at very high concentrations, which is why it is important to use gloves and goggles when using them. Make sure to read the safety precautions labeled on the back or front of the bottle.

Biodegradable drain cleaners, on the other hand, do not have the capacity to “eat away” the cause for clogging and simply cleans the drain system. They also have lesser tendency to cause health and environmental harm compared to chemical drain cleaners. Also, biodegradable drain cleaners do not have the tendency to react with the materials used for the piping system unlike the chemical drain cleaners. However, biodegradable drain cleaners are less efficient than the chemical ones. They are categorized as enzyme cleaners and take time to process. Biodegradable drain cleaners are necessary of having a perfect environment to grow (warm water).

Furthermore, choosing a particular drain cleaner is not as simple subsequently a number of factors should be considered before selecting which one to use best in a home’s drainage system. Accounting for the household members’ safety also needs to be focused on especially when dealing with any chemical cleaners.

One might want to consider a very effective, yet safe, way to clear clogged drains without facing chemical risks. Sin City Plumbing offers hydro-jetting services to clear up clogged drains. Hydro-jetting makes up of high-pressured water (from 2500-4000 psi) which has the ability remove grease, scale or any build up in the pipes allowing for the thorough cleaning. Not only can we provide efficient cleaning of clogged drains/sewers, our service also provides an environment-friendly procedure as the main component in cleaning is just water.

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