Discover the Secrets of a Great Shower

For millions of people across the country, a good shower is the only way to start the day. It helps you wake up, get going, and feel fresh in the morning. But what happens when you step in, turn on the water, and the pressure isn’t what it should be? You may be disappointed. Learn why you might experience loss of water pressure in a shower, how to fix it, and when to call in the pros for help.

Water Pressure Matters

feeling shower-head pressure

Water pressure matters. Even beyond not feeling clean and the disappointment of a terrible shower, low water pressure can mean that you have a problem with your home’s plumbing. That can lead to expensive repairs and damage to your house if you don’t address it quickly.

Reasons for Loss of Water Pressure in a Shower

low water pressure shower-head

There are many reasons you might experience a loss of water pressure in your shower. The first few of these are simple. You might have a showerhead that’s designed for low flow to conserve water. You might also have a showerhead that’s clogged with mineral deposits. These are easy to fix by just swapping in a new showerhead.

Most showers these days have a single-handle faucet. These use a mixing valve that controls the hot and cold water. If that valve is worn out, it can slow down your pressure and fail to regulate temperature.

Your house also has a water pressure regulator that’s supposed to maintain a safe range. If it malfunctions, your pressure will be off. If you have a valve that’s stuck closed somewhere in your plumbing system, this can limit your flow. You could also have a corroded, leaky pipe which can cause severe damage to the inside of your house. Finally, you might have a bad water heater.

Concerned you might have a failing water heater? Be on the lookout for these early signs. 

Fix Loss of Water Pressure in a Shower

installing new shower-head

Whether or not you can fix a loss of water pressure yourself depends on the cause. If the issue is in the showerhead, the problem is a simple DIY fix:

  • Purchase a new showerhead
  • Unscrew the old one
  • Add some Teflon tape to the threads
  • Screw on the new shower head

Installation can be a trickier fix if it’s the pressure-balancing valve in the faucet. You may do it yourself, but it can get complicated, and it may be time to call in the pros.

If there is an issue is with your water heater, pressure regulator, valves, or corroded pipes, it’s not advisable to try and fix it yourself. These jobs can get complex and require knowledge and experience. When this happens to you, it’s essential to call a qualified Las Vegas area plumber to protect your home from damage and get the job done right. Contact Sin City Plumbing today to learn more!

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