Detecting a Leak: Top Las Vegas Plumber Shares Tips

When you own a home, you become accustomed to the weird drips and creaks you hear – but they aren’t something to be written off as a fact of life. Leak detection is crucial to any homeowner, and failure to detect a leak early on can lead to water wastage, home damage, and costly repair bills. Water leaks are common in Las Vegas (especially in older houses). The good news is they can be easily found before causing long term issues. Before you rush to the phone to call in an emergency plumber, try our tips for detecting a leak on your own.

Why Leaks Happen

Leaks happen for a variety of reasons. Just like how clothes wear out after regular washing, your pipes and fixtures wear out after everyday use. It may take years for something to wear out, but when it happens it should be addressed immediately. Your home’s plumbing is made of interconnected pipes, and the most common area for a leak to occur is in one of the joints holding pipes together. While it’s the most common, it’s definitely not the only place you can find a leak. Fixtures such as your kitchen sink might have rubber stoppers which dry out in the Vegas heat.

How to Tell if You Have a Leak

The good news is it’s usually pretty easy to notice if you have a leak. Common signs are dripping faucets, water spots, running toilets, or loss of water pressure. Dripping faucets are potentially the easiest repair, as the leak is most likely caused by a cracked rubber seal. Seals are a simple replacement, provided you have the right tools. It consists of popping off the faucet, pulling out the old seal and putting a new rubber piece in. Running toilets can be checked for leaks by putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank and seeing if the color leaks into the bowl over time. Toilet leaks are usually simple, but it’s a good idea to call your local plumber to come and check it out.

Check Your Water Meter

The most foolproof way of discovering if you have a leak is to check the water meter. Usually located outside the home, your water meter shows you when water is in use. With low water pressure, you most likely have a leak or blockage which is going to appear on the meter. It’s a simple process: make sure nothing is using water inside the home and check the meter. If it’s still showing movement, you have a leak which is allowing water to flow. The next step is to shut off the water inside the home at the main valve. This will allow you to determine if the leak is inside or outside. With the water shut off and the gauge still moving on the meter, the leak is somewhere outside. If you can’t visibly determine where the leak is, it’s time to call your plumber. Contact Sin City Plumbing today at (702)-431-6502 for immediate assistance.

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