Common Plumbing Issues Only Professional Plumbers Can Do

Some Plumbing Issues Aren’t a DIY Opportunity

An inexperienced homeowner using just a bit of elbow grease and basic tools can handle many plumbing issues. Things like clogged toilets, smelly garbage disposals, and jammed ice makers aren’t anything to be afraid of. However, larger issues need to be handled by a professional plumber. If left untreated, things like water leaks and faulty water heaters can cause significant damage. We’ve put together our list of common plumbing issues only professional plumbers can handle, so you know when to reach for the phone!

1. Water Leaks

Not every water leak is an emergency plumbing issue. Tiny leaks like dripping from an old u-bend under your sink can be tightened up and taped with plumber’s tape, but large ones often require major construction. You can look for leaks by checking out the walls, floor, and doorways. Is there random discoloration? Is the floor warping? Any signs of water damage, including odd odors, require a call to your local emergency plumber. They have the tools to assess how bad the leak is, where it’s coming from, and what will be needed to repair it.

2. Low Water Pressure

If your shower isn’t quite as refreshing as it once was, the cause could be low water pressure. We always recommend contacting a professional for this particular plumbing issue because there are so many different things that can cause low water pressure. Leaks, corrosion, and blocked lines could all result in low water pressure. These causes are things the average homeowner isn’t equipped to handle, so it’s best to leave it to the experts.

3. Failing Water Heaters

An old or damaged water heater isn’t just frustrating you with cold showers; it could be endangering you! Damage to water heaters can result in explosions in rare cases. We’ve talked about maintaining your water heater before, but if maintenance isn’t enough, you should let a professional take care of it. Watch out for corrosion, rust, inadequate heating, or loud noises coming from your water heater. Any of these are signs the water heater is failing.

4. Sewer System Issues

Arguably the grossest of all plumbing issues, sewer system problems are no joke. They usually result from either a clog or break. A clog in your sewer system could be from flushing the wrong items, such as sanitary napkins or cat litter. A crack may result from tree roots breaking it underground or just old pipes wearing out over time. Either one requires specialized tools to diagnose and treat, which your trusted emergency plumber is equipped with. You know to give them a call when you smell sewage or, worse, see it coming back up your pipes.

5. Clogged Bathtubs

A clogged bathtub is not the end of the world, provided you handle it appropriately. Bathtubs take in a lot of hair, dirt, sand, and dust during their daily use (whether you prefer baths or showers). All of this, combined with residue from hard water and soaps, can cause pretty serious clogs. You can likely snake it yourself using a drain snake. If you don’t do so correctly, you may damage the pipe. Chemical drain cleaners are even worse, as they erode everything, including your pipes! The high chances of a homeowner making a mistake while trying to unclog their tub make us recommend contacting a plumbing specialist for this particular issue.

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