Common Plumbing Issues Can Be Prevented

sincityThere are different types of home plumbing problems and issues. Some of them are dripping faucets, low water pressure, clogged drains and leaky toilets. Identifying and avoiding these home plumbing issues are very important. These problems not only cause serious damage in your home but also in your pocket. Here are some tips on how to prevent common plumbing issues and avoid costly repairs. 

Kitchen sink backup

Cooking oil, grease and other fatty waste disposal can gunk up the pipes and cause serious plumbing problems. Keep food scraps out of kitchen sinks and never put liquid grease down the drain.

Clogged drains in the bathroom

Bathroom drains can get clogged with hair or soap residue. Ask your plumber to install screens over drains in showers and tubs to save you time and money. Sometimes buying chemicals to clear clogged drains can do more harm than good-as they can erode cast-iron drainpipes. Your plumber may also use a wet/dry vacuum to clear the hair out or use a snake for cleaning the drain.

Toilet problems

Toilet-related problems include a leaky toilet, difficulty in flushing and toilet blocks. If you suspect a leak, pour a bit of food coloring in the toilet and wait 10-15 minutes. If the dye shows up in the bowl, it’s time to replace the flush valve. If you have difficulty in flushing, you can use commercial cleaners or clog removers to remove the waste that blocks the pipes.

Low water pressure

There are two common reasons for low water pressure. First, it might be the municipal water supply in your place that causes low water pressure. For this reason, there is no problem since the pressure may stabilize after some repairs of the main line of the water supply. Second, it might be the buildup of residue on faucet aerators — if that is the case, it is a serious matter. It means that the water that enters into your pipes carry dissolved minerals that will later on attach themselves on metal surfaces, hence causing low water pressure. You can use a filtration system to remove these minerals from the water system.

For kitchen faucets, you can just unscrew the aerators and clean them by soaking them overnight in a vinegar solution. This will dissolve the mineral deposits stuck on your faucets. In the case of showerheads and bathroom faucets, you can affix a plastic bag filled with a vinegar solution to the shower overnight in order to clean it.

Main shutoff valve

The main water valve controls the flow of all water in your home and must all work properly to avoid severe flooding. Ask your plumber to test the valve to make sure it turns off properly.

If you still experiencing low water pressure even though you had already cleaned the aerators and showerheads, it is recommended that you call a professional. Consulting a professional can avoid further impairment of your plumbing issues. If you need more information about plumbing repairs and installations, contact our friendly plumbers from Sin City Plumbing.

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