bathroom design

How to Pick the Right Bathroom Fixtures

The term bathroom fixtures can encompass everything from your toilet to cabinet hardware. Each bathroom fixture, whether small or large, is essential to the overall vibe of your bathroom. Picking the right fixtures during a remodel can transform your space from clinical to indulgent. But with so many options to choose from, how do you…

Plumbing tools

What is Backflow Testing?

One of the most severe issues that can happen with plumbing is a backflow malfunction. The crucial device which separates wastewater and clean water lines can break during severe changes in water pressure. If the backflow fails for any reason, you risk contaminated water leaking into the clean water supply. Any leaks related to the…

A pipe with a leak

How Do You Spot a Leak?

A water leak can be devastating to homeowners. Leaks happen both inside and outside, each location coming equipped with its own set of risks. Interior leaks can cause structural damage to your home, ruin your furniture, and help dangerous mold blossom. Leaks outside can damage plants, your home’s foundation, and cost you a fortune in…