3 Best Water Heater Drain Pumps

If your home or business uses a water heater, then you know how important regular maintenance can be. Periodic repair and maintenance work can keep your heater running well into the future and help stave off expensive repairs. However, performing maintenance on your water heater almost always requires draining the tank, meaning you need a water pump. Getting the right water heater drain pump can be the difference between a quick, easy maintenance job and something more difficult. Learn about the best water heater drain pumps and find out how you can get 24-hour water heater repair in Las Vegas.

1. High Capacity Drain Pumps

When you run a business, time equals money, and this means you can’t afford to engage in water heater repair that’s going to steal time from your work operations. If you need to drain your water heater fast, your best choice is a high capacity water heater drain pump. High capacity pumps can usually drain a water heater’s tank much faster than a regular unit. It reduces the amount of time you have to spend on maintenance and getting your hot water heater back up and running much faster.

Plumbers in Las Vegas can help you find the exact right high capacity water heater drain pump that will perform when you need it to.


2. Ultra-Portable Drain Pumps

Not everyone has space for large equipment dedicated to maintenance, and for these people, an ultra-portable water heater drain pump is an ideal solution for performing maintenance jobs. Although ultra-portable drain pumps sacrifice a little in the way of power due to being run on a battery, their low profile, and ability to be easily transported wherever you need it more than makes up for their lack of strength. Ultra-portable drain pumps are usually a great choice for business owners with multiple locations that need service or homeowners, who don’t have the space for a larger drain pump.


3. Incorporated Drain Pumps

For many appliances, there is a recent trend towards all-in-one devices. When undergoing a water heater installation, it might be helpful to ask your technician about drain pumps that are incorporated into your water heater. In-line water heater drain pumps take all the hassle out of water heater maintenance. They’re ready to be used whenever you need them. This is particularly useful for industrial capacity water heaters that go through a great deal of use over a relatively short time period. If your main goal in finding a drain pump in convenience, there is no better choice than a drain pump incorporated into your water heater.


Find 24-Hour Water Heater Repair in Las Vegas

Keeping your water heater up and running is a matter of performing regular maintenance. One of the most important water heater maintenance tools is a drain pump. Water heater drain pumps allow you to more easily drain the water from your tank, removing the sediment and debris that can cause serious issues. However, sometimes you need help maintaining your water heater, no matter how hard you try, especially if you need emergency water heater repair.


To get 24-hour water heater repair in Las Vegas, Boulder City or Henderson, contact Sin City Plumbing. We provide comprehensive repair services and can fix the water heater in your home or business quickly and effectively. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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