The Advantages of Camera Inspections for Plumbers

When traditional fixes such as drain cleaners, plungers, or augurs don’t work, it’s time to consider camera inspection to find out what’s wrong with your plumbing system. This process results in a more intensive and through clean as it gives the plumber a more accurate view of what’s wrong inside the pipes.

What is a Camera Inspection

In a camera inspection, pipelines are cleaned and then a small, waterproof camera called PIG or Pipeline Inspection Gauge is attached to one end of a flexible rod that travels through the pipes. These cameras have a lighting device, usually an LED.  The camera head can also tilt or pan for a 360 degree view of the pipe.

A Plus for Plumbers

This process is beneficial for plumbers for a number of reasons. Take a look at the following advantages of using a camera inspection for plumbing concerns:

  • Spot-on damage search – a plumber or a technician can then watch a live video feed of the condition of the sewer line, making it easier to spot damages. Once the issue is found, the technician can pinpoint the exact area that needs attention. This leaves no damage to property and can be safely done without costly consequences. Without a camera inspection, determining where to start looking is a matter of luck.  Time is wasted because of guesswork. It could also end up to be costly when the plumber has to dig dirt or pick through concrete slabs only to find out that the damage is elsewhere.
  • A clearer picture and a more accurate diagnosis – with a camera inspection, plumbers can easily find leaking pipes, objects blocking the water flow, tree root intrusions, misaligned pipes, and pipes that need repair or replacement. It can also be used to find valuable objects like jewelry which have been lost in sinks, toilets and drains.
  • Faster job completion – the process might sound tedious but a camera inspection is actually completed faster. This is especially important when you are not the only one who’s having plumbing issues. There are “seasons” when homeowners run into plumbing issues such as during the holidays when there’s heavy activity in the kitchen and during the cold months when the pipes could freeze over. During these times, a camera inspection allows the plumber to finish one job after another so he can meet the high demand.

Homeowner Benefits of Camera Inspections

A camera inspection is especially useful when you’re buying a new house. The inspection will allow you to check for damage deeper into the house’s pipeline so you do not unnecessarily shoulder additional repair costs soon after you move into your new house.

Regularly asking your plumber to do a camera inspection also helps you prevent more serious plumbing problems from developing. The regular inspections will help you and your plumber see the early signs of damage so that you can address them right away. Remember that prevention can save you from the high costs of repair and the inconvenience of having to deal with broken pipes.

Sin City Plumbing offers camera inspections 24 hours a day and 7 days a week even on holidays. Our technicians and plumbers are knowledgeable and are committed to no less than customer satisfaction.

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