A Handy Guide to Plumbing While Remodeling

There is a big difference between emergency plumbing and plumbing remodeling, and it’s vital to know the proper steps to take for your needs. Check out this handy guide to plumbing while remodeling, and learn why calling the pros is the right thing to do.

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Remodeling vs. Emergency Plumbing

The difference between emergency plumbing and remodeling plumbing is pretty simple. Emergency plumbing is for problems that need fixing right away. On the other hand, plumbing remodeling is for large installations such as a new bathtub, toilet, or whole room.

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Emergency plumbers will usually arrive within an hour or so to take care of your overflows, backups, and burst pipes. These plumbers are expensive, but when you need something fixed quickly, they’ll take care of it.

Remodeling plumbing may cost more overall but will generally cost less per hour. The plumber is scheduled rather than “on call.” You will schedule the visit, and they will provide you with an estimate.

Benefits of Plumbing Remodeling 

When you call for plumbing remodeling, you will get the entire job planned out. The plumber will provide a professional breakdown workload based on your wants and needs. You’ll know the specific type of pipes and utilities installed and the plumbing put in will be up to current building codes. You’ll have the peace of mind that the installation will hold up for years along with coverage that is usually offered through a warranty. Just keep in mind that moving pipes and stacks is not a cheap prospect and requires lots of skilled work. 

Which Is Best for Me?

If you have an emergency situation — for example, a pipe is spewing water into your home, and you can’t get it to stop — an emergency plumber is what you need. However, if the broken line has a nearby shut-off and it’s not on a system you need fixing immediately, this can be scheduled work. Scheduling a remodel may save money in the long run because it will prevent future problems as well. 

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Why You Should Call In the Pros

Imagine redoing a bathroom floor with pipes running underneath. Unknowingly, you accidentally nick a line with a grinder or saw. It looks fine at first, but unfortunately, you have a waterfall in the kitchen two months later. With the assurance of a professional, you can avoid situations such as this. A professional plumber will do the job right and give you peace of mind for years to come. Contact Sin City Plumbing today to learn more!

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