7 Tips to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home in Las Vegas

Summer is a season for basking under the sun. It is a season for fun-filled water activities outside your house. A season for worry-free enjoyment. But while you are enjoying the sun, cockroaches creep into your Las Vegas home for their kind of fun.

Cockroaches are one of the most primitive insects. Their species have lived for millions of years already. They have great adaptation mechanisms. They can become an annoying and unwanted presence inside your home. Additionally, they can even bring diseases and germs into your home.

Warm Weather Encroachers

Cockroaches are natural nocturnal insects. They adventure out at night to search for their food and water. Night time is when they appear the most to residents.

Cockroaches happen to like summer months. They breed fast during the months of high temperatures especially in Las Vegas. They metabolize faster and they develop much better, too. Roaches like dark, moist spaces. They situate their homes near places where they can easily get to water. It is not uncommon to see them near faucets, swimming pools and wall bases.

Look near your sink cabinets. Look in your basement. Chances are, roaches are thriving in these areas. Another place where cockroaches like to hide? Inside your drain and sewage pipes.

7 Ways to Prevent Roaches from Entering your Sanctuary

Prevent the cockroaches from entering your sanctuaries thru pipes and drains. Follow these steps and guarantee a roach-free house, no matter the season of the year.

  1. Check the humidity. Prevent roaches from thriving in your home and under the sink. Check the humidity level in these areas. Use dehumidifiers to reduce the level.
  2. Fix leaks. Do not invite them inside. Make sure your pipes do not leak. Place sealants on small leaks. Get a plumber for maintenance if you cannot do it on your own.
  3. Clean your home. Roaches love an untidy house. Remove potential shelter spots. Do not store your trash inside the premises. Dispose of your trash on a regular schedule.
  4. Leave your countertops spotless. Do not allow food crumbs and spills to stand long on your countertops. Clean them immediately.
  5. Clean your drainpipes. Use an environment-friendly and approved sink cleaner to rinse your kitchen drains. Keeping the pipes clean and unclogged restricts their entryways.
  6. Use drain covers at night. Prevent entry up your pipes. Install drain covers at night. Use rubber stoppers or wire drain screens.
  7. Seal gaps and holes near and around your drainage pipes. Duct tape is the immediate answer. Use sealing caulks, expanding insulation foam, cement and plaster as long-term solutions.

Final Bait and Switch

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