7 Things to Avoid Putting in Your Drain to Avoid Clogs

Are you often faced with a slow or clogged drain? You are not alone. A slow or clogged drain, either in the kitchen or the bathroom, is one of the more common reasons for calling in plumbing services.

It is not difficult to prevent the problem. You should simply be aware of the things that you should not put in your drain to prevent clogs.

1.) Cooking grease

Cooking grease thickens and coagulates, causing other items that go down the drain to get trapped and clog up. It chokes up the passage way and results in massive blockage.

Cooking grease refers to all of the following: oils and fats used in cooking, including margarine, butter, shortening, vegetable oils, lard, meat fats, and other greasy dairy products.

2.) Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are similar to cooking grease. They also tend to obstruct the passage, trapping other particles and causing clogging.

3.) Egg shells and poultry, meat, and fish bones

Garbage disposals cannot pulverize egg shells or bones. The shards will go down the drain, bunching up with other items to form big clumps to clog the drain. If the bones have any fatty left-over meat on them, this will only worsen the clog.

4.) Bread, rice, and pasta

Rice, pasta, and bread absorb water, causing them to expand and cause clogging. The water will eventually drain off but the food tends to remain stuck in the pipes.

5.) Hair

It does not really matter what kind of hair it is. If you want to avoid clogging your drain, keep all types of hair away from your drain. This includes human hair, as well as doll’s hair, pet hair, stuffed animal hair, and fuzzy pillow stuffing.

6.) Soap and soap scum or residue

When the residue from soap builds up in the pipes, it can crate drainage problems. It restricts the passageway and makes it difficult for water to smoothly drain down the pipes. It can also trap other things, resulting in major drainage issues.

7.) Paper and other similar products

You can flush toilet paper down the drain. However, toilet paper can also clog drains, particularly if the paper is in thick clumps. Make sure that you put feminine products, baby wipes, and paper towels in a trash can, instead of flushing them down the drain.

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