6 Tips To Avoid A Costly Winter Plumbing Leak

Detail of hose faucet connection leaking and squirting water sprHaving a leak problem in the plumbing system can be troublesome and costly for families. What more if the pipes are leaking during the winter season? Not only will the water can leak out of the pipes, but the pipes can also freeze and the pressure might cause the pipes to burst wide open.

Here are six tips to avoid a costly winter plumbing leak:

  1. Insulate your pipes

Make sure to insulate pipes that are not well-heated. You can also place some heating tape for additional heat. But it is suggested to have a professional do this to prevent any damage to your pipes.

  1. Clean the sump pit

Another thing to do is to clean up your sump pit. A dirty sump pit can affect your water and it can block the whole system from functioning when the sump pit is already frozen. A faulty sump pit can also lead to flooding in your home, which can further lead to a more expensive repair job.

  1. Let the water drip

The temperature will certainly drop in the evening; to avoid the bursting or icing of pipes, be sure to let the water drip at night. It will also reduce the building of pressure in the pipelines.

  1. Open the cabinets

An open cabinet can provide extra heat for the pipes located inside it.

  1. Do not overload your cabinets.

Do not overload the cabinets with stuff where your pipes are located. Doing so can cause some pipes to break if ever there is pressure from exterior factors. Make sure to also clean the areas where the pipes are located, so that it will be easier for you to pack up if ever the pipes explode.

  1. Disconnect your exterior hoses

Winter season won’t last long, so it’s okay to disconnect some hoses that are located outside your house. Pipes connected to the hose can get frozen, or they can cause a major ice blockage or worse, flooding. Better roll up your hose and save it until the warm season comes.

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